Discriminatory behavior ongoing at hospital

Posted: Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Over the last year I have attempted to expose the Workplace Bullying at CPH. Initially, senior management rejected discussing this cooperate management style and attacked my politics and belief system. I have been called a "radical extremist" and "conspiracy theorist." This attack is discriminatory based on my politics and beliefs. When senior management attacks me personally and does not dispel the message of workplace bullying it is an obvious ad hominem attack.

Exposing workplace bullying is neither "extreme" nor "conspiratorial." This cooperate management style is becoming an epidemic in this Nation and causing an increase in workplace violence according to Dr. Laurence Barton, who studies workplace violence at the "American College."

Today, senior management of CPH has invited Dr. Namie (Workplace Bullying Institute) here to discuss the management style of workplace bullying. In December Dr. Namie will work with senior management, Nurses Union and staff to develop a "policy" about Workplace Bullying. What will cause senior management to abide by a new policy? It is documented they do not follow their current policies and have broken the law. What will force them to follow a new Workplace Bullying policy?

Within all of us is a natural desire of self interest. In my faith, it is referred to the sinful nature of man. The founders of this nation recognized this failing. They established checks and balances within our Constitution. They realized people who did not keep this self interest (sinful nature) in check, would need external checks and balances. The Hospital Governing Board, Mayor and Borough Assembly have given senior management complete unchecked control of the management style at CPH.

I believe the Hospital Service Area Board recommendation for an investigation into the management style and shooting at CPH will be rejected. Senior management will continue with unchecked workplace bullying regardless of any old or new policies. Where are the checks and balances for senior management? We are all at risk.

Ray Southwell, RN

Central Penisula Hospital Nurse

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