Why is peninsula so scary to fish board?

Posted: Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Once again our neighborhood is too dangerous for a board of fish meeting. Ricky Gease is so scared he will not answer his phone. KRSA has worked the fish board into a frenzy of fear at their meeting in Sitka and at the board workshop in Wasilla. I cannot understand how a 501c habitat organization can be a constant lobbyist to the Alaska Board of Fish. I am asking Governor Parnell and all elected officials from the Kenai Peninsula to counteract the divisive dishonest actions of KRSA and have the fish board conduct their deliberations here, the area of concern. Tell board member Howard Delo we are not a bunch of bullies. If the meeting is held here Dan Coffey cannot invite the fish board to his house for dinner, Bob Penney could not have Alyeska Resort cater lunch, board members like Campbell and Jensen could not go to the Captain Cook bar. Please print the letters from Penney, Rainey, Gease, and Cutler, that called our neighborhood too dangerous. Re-publish the letter of apology Gease penned for the Clarion the last time he played this card.

Our neighborhood is safe enough for three Kenai Classics and 40,000 dipnetters. KRSA and the Alaska Board of Fish should be ashamed for painting the beautiful Kenai Peninsula as "hostile and inhabited by bullies." One last time, Governor Parnell, right this wrong.

John McCombs


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