A man of many minds: 'Mind Over Matt' plays this weekend at Triumvirate Theatre

Posted: Thursday, November 11, 2010

Everyone has different aspects to his or her personality, but imagine those aspects personified and interacting with each other every moment of your life. That's the gist of the latest play by Triumvirate Theatre, "Mind over Matt" which is opening this weekend in Soldotna, only it's much funnier.

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Photo By Brielle Schaeffer
Photo By Brielle Schaeffer
Matt's Devil (played by Nicole Egholm) and Angel (Kim Jordan) show up on his date with Penny (Jessica Aagaard), while the masculine side of his personality Butch (Dan Pascucci) looks on.

Matt (played by Jaime Nelson), a nerdy graphic designer, navigates through work stresses, an obnoxious landlord, and his romantic crush with the five different parts of himself by his side.

There's the geeky side, the chauvinist pig side, the feminine side, the debonair side, and the cantankerous side.

"You're going to see some of yourself in just about every character there is," said Terri Burdick, who plays the landlady.

For drama's sake Matt's personalities are all onstage simultaneously.

"His different egos are acted out onstage and how they interact influence his decision," said director Angie Nelson.

And his egos have a wicked sense of humor. That's part of the reason Nelson chose to direct the play.

"It made me laugh. I enjoy comedies. Even reading it, I laughed. Every rehearsal we laugh and that's something I like putting time and energy into," she said.

Nelson said she came across the play while directing "Insane with Power" by the same playwright, Scott Hahn, in the fall of 2008.

"I'd been corresponding with Scott Hahn, the writer, because we were the first community theater that did 'Insane with Power,'" she said. That's when she read "Mind Over Matt" and knew she wanted to direct it.

"I've been reading the script with certain people in mind for quite awhile," Nelson said.

Like Cliff Bouchard, who plays Zeke, the "cranky old dude."

"Actually, Angie called me. Evidently they didn't have any tryer-outers for this part and I decided to give it a whirl," he said.

Dan Pascucci plays "Butch," the masculine side of Matt.

Pascucci described him as a "man's man," and "the bad boy."

"But really he's just bad at talking with other people," he said.

Butch is the one that gets Matt drunk on his first date with his crush, Penny (played by Jessica Aagaard).

"It's fun to see the characters interact with each other because the actors put a little bit of themselves in the characters," Pascucci said.

And if you know these people watching the play it's like watching your neighbors perform a sitcom, like an episode of the hit television show "Friends" but with a schizophrenic Ross. The whole hour and a half show takes place in Matt's apartment.

"Most of my best friends are here and we get to do silly things and people clap for us," said Kim Jordan, who plays "the angel."

When Matt has a huge moral dilemma his own personal devil and angel are called in.

"It fits me perfectly, I'm not even acting," Jordan said about her part.

She said she thinks the play is hilarious.

"I've seen it 20 times and I still laugh," Jordan said.

And it's apparent the cast is having the time of their lives on the small stage in the Peninsula Center Mall.

"We have so much fun at every rehearsal I can only imagine how it's going to be when people are here," Pascucci said.

"Mind Over Matt" plays this weekend and next at the Triumvirate Theatre. Shows start at 7 p.m. Admission is $15.

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