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Posted: Sunday, November 12, 2000

When results don't total 100 percent, the remainder either didn't know or refused to answer.

Do you think Al Gore should concede the election immediately, concede if he loses in the official vote count which Florida is expected to release next week or wait for court decisions over contested ballots in Florida?

Concede immediately, 27 percent

Concede if he loses the vote count in Florida, 27 percent

Wait for court decisions on contested ballots, 39 percent

CNN-Time, Nov. 10, 1,154 adults, margin of error 3 percentage points

Do you think George W. Bush should ask for a recount in other closely contested states, or don't you feel that way?

Yes, should ask for a recount, 37 percent

No, should not ask for a recount, 54 percent


Would you approve or disapprove of an amendment to the Constitution which would do away with the Electoral College and base the election of the president on the total vote cast throughout the nation?

Approve, 63 percent

Disapprove, 20 percent


Do you think the United States should or should not do away with the electoral college and elect the president solely based on the electoral vote?

Should do away with, 54 percent

Should not do away with, 35 percent

NBC News for Dateline, Nov. 10, 503 adults, MoE 4.5 percentage points

Do you think the current situation with the election for president is a constitutional crisis, a serious problem but not a constitutional crisis, or do you think it is not a serious problem at all?

Constitutional crisis, 15 percent

Serious problem, but not a constitutional crisis, 55 percent

Not a serious problem at all, 28 percent


Which one of the following is more important:

Getting matters resolved as soon as possible, 25 percent

Making certain to remove all reasonable doubt that the count has been fair and accurate, 72 percent

Newsweek, Nov. 9-10, 1,000 adults, MoE 4 percentage points

From what you've seen or heard, do you feel the process for recounting the vote and dealing with legal challenges is being handled fairly by state officials or not?

Yes, handled fairly, 63 percent

No, 18 percent


Do you think the uncertainty about the vote in Florida and the delay in knowing who won the presidency are a sign of weakness in our political system -- or are they a strength that we are peacefully taking the steps necessary to make sure the right candidate is declared the winner of a very close election?

Sign of weakness, 24 percent

Sign of strength, 69 percent


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