Homer residents should be worried about coal bed methane leases

Posted: Wednesday, November 12, 2003

If you are neither concerned nor angry about the coal bed methane leases in our state and particularly in Homer, you will be when coal bed methane becomes environmentally visible and audible.

Twenty-one thousand acres of subsurface rights were leased in the Homer area without even a single day's notice in either of our two newspapers. Were state Department of Natural Resources officials thinking they could sidestep this issue in Homer? Homer people prevented Kachemak Bay from becoming an oil platform pond with gas flares running night and day back in the1970s. We can do it again by joining together against this very damaging project.

Government is not going to help us on this one unless we can prevail on them to buy back these leases. The Kachemak Bay Property Owners Alliance has been formed to fight these coal bed methane leases. Believe me, we are not going to want this industry on our East End Homer bench or anywhere else in the state for that matter.

You own your surface rights but when the subsurface extractor comes on your property to get his minerals below, you might as well not have owned it. At present, he has all the power.

Wake up, Homer! Call your legislators, Rep. Paul Seaton and Sen.Gary Stevens today.

For more information, call Mike McCarthy at 235-5597.

Harry and Shirley Forquer, Homer

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