Courthouse metal detector implies something is wrong with system

Posted: Wednesday, November 12, 2003

This mustn't be true, but according to the paper it is: a metal detector at the Kenai Courthouse! Here I thought the government had exhausted its resources for instilling paranoia and mass hysteria in us but that only proves my ignorance and lack of imagination.

How many holdups have we had in little court-houses lately?

Administrative Judge Brown says it's because of "increased awareness of the potential for someone who's angry or disappointed with the (court) system to do mischief."

Doesn't that mean there just might be something wrong with the system? Doesn't that imply we'd better find out what's wrong and fix it? But that would be too much to ask, so the government in its infinite wisdom has decided to install a (staffed) metal detector as a precaution and for our protection, cleverly justifying the cost and inconveniences it will entail.

Somehow Benjamin Franklin's statement as to "he who has to give up freedom for security deserves neither" comes to mind.

Judy Humphrey, Kenai

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