Writer tries to find meaning in meaningless homework


Posted: Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Why should I do my homework? Why should I spend hours outside of school toiling away on an assignment just for the teacher to glance at and then assign a grade based on what they see in front of them? How are solving infinite quadratic equations in a $100 calculator going to help me in the real world?

Sometimes, it all seems so pointless.

A teacher will never truly be able to know what a student knows based on test scores or assignment completion. Only the students themselves actually know what information they have stored in their brains, and for someone with a degree in advanced learning to have the authority to tell a kid they're wrong, or what they believe is inaccurate and will cause them to fail just doesn't seem right in my book.

I understand test scores and taking endless amounts of evaluation tests may be an outward reflection of what a student knows or has retained, but who cares about how well someone can memorize what someone else has told them?

There's no originality in it, no creative thought. It's like, "Bravo Jimmy, you've successfully regurgitated everything I've just said; here's an A, and way to not think for yourself. You make me proud."

I'm getting fed up losing sleep over tests the next day and being told that this will help me in the long run. If you go online and do some research, it will tell you that even though roughly 70 percent of high school students graduate, over 1.2 million do not.

I can see why some kids lose motivation to stay in school.

I also believe that some teachers are to blame for students not reaching their "potential." If a teacher is apathetic, or new even, and isn't capable of asserting enough discipline to keep a class in line and on topic, then that class will not be educated up to standards.

If a teacher doesn't outwardly express motivation or a memorable teaching technique, then how is anyone going to feel like what they're being taught even matters? Personally, I've only come across a handful of teachers that taught me something I will never forget.

Apathy is an overwhelming epidemic I see and experience every single day. I absolutely hate carting all my textbooks home, and then worrying about my homework every second up to the minute that I finally finish it. On occasion I don't even do my homework and instead go to sleep, hoping I can frantically finish it when I get to school the next morning.

I've also become numb to the fact that sometimes my grades drop, and it's because I just don't care half the time about that math assignment that's always assigned.

I honestly don't know what would help me succeed, which is in a sense just someone's idea of happiness, not necessarily mine. Maybe some kids want to be drop outs living with their parents. To them that could be the epitome of happiness.

All I'm saying is we are a younger nation threatened by apathy, and I just hate being force fed these recipes for success.

This article is the opinion of Sophia Taeschner. Taeschner is a junior at Skyview High School.

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