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Posted: Thursday, November 14, 2002

Is there any good reason to change name of Kenai's Christmas event?

It took several mentions of the term "Hooked on Kenai Christmas" before I realized this was actually the original "Christmas Comes to Kenai."

"Christmas Comes to Kenai" began soon after we (the Kenai Chamber of Commerce) moved into the Moosemeat John cabin. We wanted to share the cabin with the community, and what better way than a festive time beginning the holiday season?

I remember what fun the line of folks winding through the cabin was, with people warming at the wood stove and children getting a candy cane from Santa, a ticket for the show, and cookies and juice as they left.

This had to be about 1977, so I know there now is another generation of children enjoying this magic time. It outgrew the cabin many years ago, and now the day enjoys many additions created by new directors over the years. Now families throughout central Kenai Peninsula communities include this day as a must in their holiday schedule.

What bothers me is changing the name of this special community celebration, "Christmas Comes to Kenai," to "Hooked on Kenai," which is merely a promotional term for tourism and sport fishing.

I know my time is up, and my opinion is mindless, but I know Kenai is a proud community, steeped in history and home to generations of good folks.

Why can't we keep just one tradition for them?

Peggy Arness

Kenai Chamber of Commerce director

Vintage '76

Do politicians know how to keep permanent fund permanent?

I read the article "Permanent fund lingo" with great interest. However, you failed to include the common and accepted definition of the term "permanent."

And I do not mean "hair-do," which is what the politicians intend to give us.

Tiger Demers


Boats not exempt from taxes; airplane owners know how to lobby

I have read several articles and letters to the editor concerning personal property taxes on airplanes and boats. I think all of the people who say boats and airplanes are exempt up to $100,000 everywhere in the area except Kenai are mistaken!

Boats are not exempt -- only airplanes! In talking to borough people, they said "apparently airplane owners had a stronger lobby."

I know this is true because I have a boat in Homer that I pay taxes on every year and would also if it were in Soldotna.

Anyone can call the borough and confirm this information.

Gerald Nelson


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