There’s no room in newsroom for propaganda

Posted: Monday, November 14, 2005

Several national survey’s have shown a vast majority of Americans believe there is a definite liberal prejudice in TV and print newsrooms. This liberal bias is easily seen by the propaganda technique called push polls. Push polls are a polling set up to falsify an outcome for political gain.

Good examples of push polls are recent approval polls for President Bush. In two network polls, 49 percent of Democrats were polled while only 39 percent of Republicans were polled. Other polls, such as the Rasmussen poll, used similar percentages for the two parties resulting in approval ratings around 50 percent while the network polls showed 41 percent. Such push polls that lie are called propaganda.

Another example of push polling was evident in the last election. One exit poll had John Kerry winning the election by 3 percent when the actual result was he lost by 4 percent. It turned out the poll used a high percentage of inner city young women who tend to vote Democrat.

The same time in Alaska, push polls showed Tony Knowles winning the election whereas he lost by 3 to 4 percent to Lisa Murkowski.

The national and Alaska newspapers have attacked born-again Christians (“the far right”) because of their influence on social issues and election results. Recent BARNA polls show 80 to 85 percent of born-again believers support President Bush and the Republican Party because of their conservative social platform. These attacks show a liberal bias against a group that makes up 25 percent of the electorate. They also are a form of bigotry and propaganda that should not have a place in newsrooms.

Born-again Christians indwelled by the Holy Spirit are saved from sin by God’s grace through faith, by having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, by accepting him as their Lord and Savior, and by confessing and repenting their sins. He is the creator. He came as a lamb. He will return as King of kings.

Donald Szepanski


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