Panthers top Lions; SoHi wrestlers lose close dual to ACS

Posted: Sunday, November 16, 2003

The Soldotna, Skyview and Kenai Central wrestling teams got a chance to test themselves against one of the state's top small schools Friday night at Soldotna.

While the Kardinals got in some exhibition matches against Anchorage Christian Schools, the Stars and Panthers both had a chance to face off against the Lions in dual meets.

Skyview coach Neldon Gardner and Soldotna coach Jeff Breakfield were both relatively pleased with the results.

The Panthers, expected to be one of the top big-schools teams in the state, rolled to a 52-21 victory.

The Stars fell behind ACS early but came back to make the dual meet extremely interesting. The meet came down to the heavyweight match, and Alex Hawkins of ACS pinned Sean Whitmore of Soldotna to secure a 42-38 victory for the Lions.

Gardner didn't know what to expect coming into Friday's matchup with ACS. Because ACS is classified as a small school, the Lions started practice on Sept. 22 and will have their state tournament on Dec. 12 and 13.

Meanwhile, Skyview and the big schools did not start practice until Oct. 20 and will not have a state tournament until Feb. 6 and 7.

"Coming in, I didn't know what was going to happen because we're in the first third of our season," Gardner said. "Plus, we're still missing five or six kids because they are ineligible."

Even without those wrestlers, the Panthers were able to run away from the Lions.

"With a team like Skyview, you have to be ready and fired up like it's the state finals if you're going to compete with them," ACS coach Jason Hofacker said. "I don't know if it was the long bus ride down, but we didn't have the intensity we needed to stay with them."

Gardner said there were four matches he was not sure about entering the meet. The Panthers won them all. They were:

Dallas Seavey picking up a pin at 135 pounds.

Jake Savely picking up a 5-4 decision at 145 pounds. Savely was wrestling against William Scott, who is ranked second in his weight class according to

Savely entered the third period with a 3-2 lead, and bumped the lead to 4-2 when he earned an escape. However, Scott scored a takedown with 31 seconds left to even the match. Savely got an escape with 21 seconds left for the win.

Danny England's pin at 160. England is a junior varsity wrestler for Skyview, but was moved up to varsity for this meet when Tyler Wehrli was bumped up to 171 from 160.

Wehrli's 8-2 decision over Chad Howard at 171. After England's pin, Wehrli made Gardner's decision to bump him up look even better with the win.

Gardner said the other highlight for his squad came at 215, where Skyview's Zach Rohr lost a 10-5 decision to Bobby Dunbar of ACS. Dunbar is the top-rated small-schools wrestler at 215, and Gardner said he is one of the top wrestlers at that weight class in the state, period.

"Zach wrestled a great match," Gardner said. "He had (Dunbar) out-of-bounds to his back three times. We just wish the mat were a little bigger."

In its dual meet against Soldotna, ACS jumped out to a 24-6 lead. The Stars then came back to win six of the next seven matches and take a 38-30 lead.

In Soldotna's streak, Jeremy Goracke had a major decision at 135, Jeremy Kauffman had a pin at 145, Jake Howarth had a pin at 152, Ben Breakfield had a pin at 160, Nick Warton had a major decision at 171 and Terrance Carlson accepted a forfeit at 189.

"Because of forfeits, and because we have a couple of guys sick, we expected that they would jump out to a big lead," Jeff Breakfield said. "But I also figured we would catch up."

Bobby Dunbar got ACS back on the right track with a pin to cut SoHi's lead to 38-36, then Hawkins came up with his pin to give the Lions the victory.

"(Hawkins) is a first-year wrestler and a senior," Hofacker said. "He's a big, strong kid who learns something every time he goes out on the mat. He came through for us tonight."

Kenai coach Tony Prior also saw some good things from his team. He said T.J. Olick picked up a big victory over Soldotna's Howarth in an exhibition match. Howarth had beaten Olick in the finals of the Seward King of the Mountain Tournament, but Olick was able to avenge that loss.

Skyview 52, Anchorage Christian Schools 21


at Soldotna

103 Troxel, ACS, won by forfeit

112 Morse, Sky, won by forfeit

119 Hutchison, Sky, maj. dec. Shelley, 14-4

125 Masog, ACS, p. Kirby, 1:58

130 Allen, ACS, p. Strausbaugh, 4:58

135 Seavey, Sky, p. McGregor, 3:23

140 Aragon, Sky, p. Webb, 5:34

145 Savely, Sky, dec. Scott, 5-4

152 Cleveland, Sky, p. Alutius, 3:17

160 England, Sky, p. Flannigan, 1:02

171 Wehrli, Sky, dec. Howard, 8-2

189 Silva, Sky, won by forfeit

215 Dunbar, ACS, dec. Rohr, 10-5

275 Morse, Sky, p. Hawkins, 3:22

Anchorage Christian Schools 42, Soldotna 38


at Soldotna

103 Troxel, ACS, won by forfeit

112 Ciufo, Sol, won by forfeit

119 Shelley, ACS, p. Morris, 2:50

125 Masog, ACS, p. Kline, 2:41

130 Allen, ACS, p. Foster, 1:13

135 Goracke, Sol, maj. dec. McGregor, 20-6

140 Webb, ACS, p. Hatt, 1:59

145 Kauffman, Sol, p. Scott, 3:51

152 Howarth, Sol, p. Alutins, 3:51

160 Breakfield, Sol, p. Flannigan, 1:32

171 Warton, Sol, maj. dec. Howard, 12-4

189 Carlson, Sol, won by forfeit

215 Dunbar, ACS, p. Gomez, 1:32

275 Hawkins, ACS, p. Whitmore, 5:03

Exhibition matches

130 G. Foster, Soldotna, p. R. Fisher, Kenai, 4:50

130 G. Kline, Soldotna, dec. R. Mantynen, Kenai, 11-9

135 Goracke, Soldotna, dec. Loosli, Kenai, 5-2

152 Olick, Kenai, dec. Howarth, 8-3

152 Dormady, Kenai, p. McCarty, 0:47

215 Gomez, Sol, p. Walters, 0:34

275 Whitmore, Sol, p. Canavan, Kenai, 1:30

Burlison dec. McCarty, ACS, 3-1

Spicer p. Scott, ACS, 1:30

Rodgers p. Buck, ACS, 1:59

125 Strausbaugh, Skyview, maj. dec. Fisher, Kenai, 13-3

130 Kirby, Skyview, p. Mantynen, Kenai, 0:58

135 Seavey, Skyview, dec. Loosli, Kenai, 5-0

152 Cleveland, Skyview, p. Olick, Kenai, 3:45

152 Carlon, Skyview, p. Dormady, Kenai, 0:53

215 Grant, Skyview, p. Walters, Kenai, 0:36

275 Morse, Skyview, p. Canavan, Kenai, 1:43

Skyview grapplers win Round Robin Rumble

With individual champions in five weight classes, the Skyview High School wrestling team took the team title at the Round Robin Rumble in Homer Saturday.

Under the tournament format, wrestlers in each weight class were seeded into two pools. After round robin pool competition, wrestlers were reseeded for the finals, with the top wrestlers in each pool matched up for first and second, the second-place wrestlers in pool competition competing for third and fourth, and so on.

Skyview's Eli Hutchison wrestled his way to first place at 119 pounds, Clark Buffington was a winner at 135, Jake Savely took the title at 145, Brandon Cleveland was the top wrestler at 152, and Antonio Silva took first at 189.

Other individual champions included Nikiski's Lance Penhale at 103, Homer's Monte Garroutte at 140, and Soldotna's Ben Breakfield at 160 and Sean Whitmore at 275.

Soldotna was third in the team competition with 101 points, trailing Skyview (149) and Kodiak (102), which boasted four individual champions.

Round Robin Rumble

Saturday at Homer High School

Team results 1. Skyview, 149; 2. Kodiak, 102; 3. Soldotna, 101; 4. Anchorage Christian, 95; 5. Nikiski, 83; 6. Homer, 60; 7. Kenai, 37; 8. Voznesenka, 15; 9. Galena, 12; 10. Ninilchik, 10.

Individual results

Championship match result followed by the rest of the competitors in each weight class in order of finish.

103 Championship match: Lance Penhale, Nik, maj. dec. Simeon Daigle, Hom, 11-2; 3. Lucas Fried, Kod; 4. Kornely Polushkin, Voz; 5. Holis Troxel, ACS; 6. Carlos Arias, ACS.

112 (no championship match) 1. Steven Guana, Kodiak; 2. Jake Cuifo, Sol; 3. Luke Morse, Sky; 4. Sava White, Voz.

119 Championship match: Eli Hutchison, Sky, maj. dec. Zach Shelley, ACS, 10-1; 3. Jordan McCaughey, Nik; 4. Elliott Gauthier, Sky; 5. Erick Morris, Sol; 6. Steel McNeil, Kod; 7. Jeremiah Olsen, Kod.

125 Championship match: Sean Costello, Kod, dec. Jacob Masog, ACS, 6-1; 3. Tab Key, Nik; 4. Louden Greiner, Hom; 5. Shane Strausbaugh, Sky; 6. Chris Curren, Nik; 7. Steven Fisher, Ken; 8. CJ Kirby, Sky; 9. Todd Ritter, Sky; 10. Anthony Kline, Sol.

130 Championship match: Clifton Ivanov, Kod, dec. Jared Mazurek, Nik, 4-2; 3. Judah Allen, ACS; 4. Scott Foster, Sol; 5. Josh Huhndorf, Nik; 6. Nolan Willis, ACS; 7. Mikael Mantynen, Ken; 8. Sam Kuznetov, Voz.

135 Championship match: Clark Buffington, Sky, dec. Billy Loosli, Ken, 3-2; 3. Jeremy Goracke, Sol; 4. Jared Sundberg, Kod; 5. Vincent Kruzick, Nin; 6. Spencer Tachik, Sol; 7. Grant McGregor, ACS.

140 Championship match: Monte Garroutte, Hom, p. Zach Aragon, Sky, 2:39; 3. Cyle Webb, ACS; 4. Tommy James, Hom; 5. Michael Burlison, Sky; 6. Isaiah McCarty, ACS; 7. Josh Ottobre, Nin; 8. Richard Hatt, Sol.

145 Championship match: Jake Savely, Sky, dec. Jeremy Kauffman, Sol, 4-0; 3. Chul Gibbs, Kod; 4. James Gilia, Gal; 5. William Scott, ACS; 6. Travis McCaughey, Nik; 7. Corey Scott, ACS; 8. Jude Murphy, Hom; 9. Eric Rodgers, Sky; 10. Tony Nakjua, Nin.

152 Championship match: Brandon Cleveland, Sky, dec. Anthony Lorenzo, Nik, 8-4; 3. T.J. Olick, Ken; 4. Jacob Howarth, Sol; 5. Josh Carlon, Sky; 6. Dylan Langfitt, Kod; 7. Andrew Alutius, ACS; 8. Ian McCarty, ACS; 9. Peter Basargin, Voz.

160 Championship match: Ben Breakfield, Sol, maj. dec. Tyler Wehrli, Sky, 12-4; 3. Danny England, Sky; 4. Michael Dormady, Ken; 5. Michael Flanigan, ACS; 6. Brandon Cuffe, Nin; 7. Scott Burgett, Gal; 8. James Kinslow, Nik; 9. Malachi Peterson, Kod; 10. Anthony Gibson, Sky.

171 Championship match: Stephen O;Brian, Kod, dec. Adam Hediger, Hom, 18-15; 3. Charles Howard, ACS; 4. Nick Hann, Sky; 5. John Schwenke, Nik; 6. Vaughn Kexenvnikoff, Gal; 7. Nick Warton, Sol.

189 (no championship match) 1. Antonio Silva, Sky; 2. Jessie Grant, Sky; 3. Terrance Carlson, Sol; 4. Nick Watkins, Kod; 5. Daniel Turner, Hom.

215 Championship match: Bobby Dunbar, ACS, maj. dec. Zach Rohr, Sky, 17-4; 3. Reece Parrish, Nik; 4. Chris Franklin, Nik; 5. Jose Gomez, Sol; 6. Lance Leavitt, Hom; 7. Kyle Walters, Ken.

275 Championship match: Sean Whitmore, Sol, p. Joel Morse, Sky, 1:36; 3. Alex Hawkins, ACS; 4. David Rorrison, Nik; 5. Jared Weaver, Hom; 6. Mitchell Canavan, Ken.

Nikiski 43, Homer 26

The Bulldogs posted a dual meet win over the Mariners Friday in Homer.

Anthony Lorenzo got things going for the Bulldogs with a win by pin in the first match of the evening at 152 pounds. Reece Parrish (215) and Jordan McCaughey (119) also won by pin for the Bulldogs while Adam Hediger (171) and Jared Weaver (275) notched pins for the Mariners.

Bulldogs 43, Mariners 26

152 Lorenzo, Nik, p. Murphy, 2:22

160 Kinslow, Nik, forfeit

171 Hediger, Hom, p. Schwenke, 2:09

189 Turner, Hom, forfeit

215 Parrish, Nik, p. Leavitt, 3:03

275 Weaver, Hom, p. Rorrison, 1:55

103 Penhale, Nik, maj. dec. Daigle, 11-1

119 J. McCaughey, Nik, p. Martinez, 0:40

125 Greiner, Hom, maj. dec. Curren, 14-2

130 Key, Nik, forfeit

135 Josh Huhndorf, Nik, forfeit

140 Garroutte, Hom, maj. dec. Mazurek, 20-7

145 T. McCaughey, Nik, dec. James, 5-3

Exhibition matches

160 Burgett, Hom, p. Basargin, Voz, 4:23

189 Franklin, Nik, p. Turner, Hom, 1:17

130 Key, Nik, p. Kuznetov, Voz, 3:33

140 Martushev, Voz, p. Vasquez, Gal, 1:28

152 Murphy, Hom, dec. Basargin, Voz, 12-8

103 Penhale, Nik, p. Polushkin, Voz, 0:48

112 Daigle, Hom, maj. dec. White, Voz, 14-0

171 Kexenvnikoff, Gal, dec. Kinslow, Nik, 12-7

145 Gilia, Gal, p. Martushev, Voz, 0:29

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