VECO headlines not the whole story

Posted: Friday, November 17, 2006

How startling to read about the recent raids into VECO and legislators’ offices by FBI agents. I originated in a Hispanic country where people disappear or are shot first without questions being asked. Alternatively, it is awesome that in this great country that adopted me, we are all innocent until proven guilty.

VECO is an Alaska company that has repeatedly supported and advocated for approximately 40 nonprofits and needy organizations. I thank and appreciate VECO for its generous, charitable donations to our community groups, as I consider VECO a backbone of our community.

I was a volunteer coordinator and fundraiser with Alaska Light Opera Theatre in the 1980s and VECO was altruistic towards us, as it has been toward Alaska Children’s Trust, Habitat for Humanity, United Way of Anchorage, Boy Scouts of America and numerous groups here unmentioned.

Additionally, I have belonged to the Anchorage Symphony League for 20 years, and I know our Anchorage Symphony would not have met its budgets nor thrived without VECO and Pete Leathard’s fine leadership as president of the Anchorage Symphony board. Many Alaska organizations can vouch to the fact that VECO has generously sponsored events that Alaskans and our tourists have enjoyed year after year.

Furthermore, VECO accepts interns and mentors young people who stay and work in Alaska. While attending UAA, my son was fortunate to have worked for VECO twice.

VECO has assisted in providing for us a great and rewarding city to enjoy and in which to live. Clearly, sensationalism sells like hot cakes, but we must neither rashly judge nor draw premature conclusions, knowing well that the news gives prominence to sizzling headlines.

Yolanda Clary


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