Make your home safe for delivery people

Posted: Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It is the season for snow again. Time to look out your window and notice what your oil tanks and propane tanks look like. Can you even see them? Are they buried under snow? When you run out and need to be refilled, can the people who come to your home even get to your tank? Will they have to wade through three feet of snow, pulling a hose and climb over your woodpile just to ensure that you are warm and can cook?

As a courtesy to the people who come to your home, to deliver anything to you that may make your days and nights more pleasant, please keep paths clear and walkways sanded or salted. Not only is it courteous, it is safer for whoever is on your property, doing something for you.

So, this season -- Good will toward men, because a small act of kindness could mean something huge to another.

Garnet Morey


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