Success of football program reflects community's generosity

Posted: Thursday, November 18, 2004

Another successful football season has come and gone and as usual it truly amazes me as to how much our community does to help support our young people. The players, coaches, parents of the players, and the administration at Kenai Central High School would like to take this opportunity to thank the following groups and individuals for their help in making this past season of Kenai football very rewarding and enjoyable for their kids involved.

For starters, we would like to thank Arby's and Navarre family for their constant support. This year they went above and beyond the call of duty and donated a large sum of money so that we could purchase a new scoreboard for the football field. In addition, they also provided the kids and coaches with a free lunch in Anchorage on the weekend of the state championship game.

Other people who deserve a big thank you are as follows: Lynn Carlson, for giving preseason physicals to the players and donating the proceeds back to the program; Kenai Chrysler, for donating the use of a cargo van to haul gear to and from the state championship game; Ron's Rent-It Center and Airport Equipment Rentals, for donating the use of portable heaters to place on the sidelines during the last four games to keep the players warm; Anchorage Cold Storage, for donating Powerade for the team to drink and the use of the Coca-Cola Wagon for the junior class at all home football games; Jim Stretch and Clint Chappell, for taking care of the sideline heaters; Todd Wortham and River City Dental, for fitting and producing mouth pieces for the kids; Ron Bennett and Mark Scheffert, for watering the game field all summer long; Tony French and Beacon Occupational Health and Safety in Anchorage, for allowing us to use their offices to tape the kids the day of the state championship game; Stan Pitlo and the Peninsula Clarion, for providing the kids with the end of the season posters.

British Petroleum, for buying the kids breakfast the morning of the state championship game; Kelly and Laurie Bookey, for the feeding the J.V. and varsity football teams dinner; Mike and Sylvia Reynolds, for feeding the varsity kids dinner; Enstar for donating the use of the grill for all home football games; Ray Peterkin and Skeeter Creighton, for arranging and driving the flatbeds for the homecoming parade; John and Bernine Wensley, for making DVD copies of the state championship game for the kids; Rocky Demello and Jim Montgomery, for their countless hours of time that they volunteer; the Kenai Chamber of Commerce, for auctioning off an autographed state championship football and a very special thank you to Dave Schilling, for paying $2,000 for the football; and finally, a thank you to all of the parents, business people and community members I have failed to mention who donated their time, money and resources to the program and its fund-raising endeavors. Your hard work and efforts towards the most valuable asset of our community the young kids does not go unnoticed. The kids do genuinely appreciate the many things you do for them and although I may have a biased opinion I believe that they do a fabulous job of representing themselves, their parents, their school and their community in their many endeavors. Again, thank you all for everything you do. It is an honor for me to say that I coach and teach at Kenai Central High School not only because of the fine young people we have but because of the amazing community support we get.

Jim Beeson

Head football coach

Kenai Central High School

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