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Posted: Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Court personnel should not have removed Mr. Hallstead's family

The story published Friday, "Man has heart attack during arraignment" sounds as if the court personnel were simply trying to help by clearing the courtroom.

When the public reads articles like this, it is clear that more went on than is printed. Shame on the courts for trying to clear out the family of Donald Hallstead. Shame on them for arresting Don Jr., who just wanted to be by his father's side in his last moments.

It seems to me that if my dad were having a heart attack in a court I would want to be by his side. Wouldn't you?

As it turns out, Donald Hallstead died in the courtroom, and his son thankfully was there. Shame on them for taking the son to jail afterward.

What happened to decency and compassion for the human experience and emotion?

Leanndra Bergeron


Clarion misses big event: Kenai cheerleaders win championship

Hey Clarion, didn't you hear? The Kenai cheerleaders won the state championship!

You did a great job celebrating our well-deserved area swimmers in Sunday's paper. But, did you not realize that in Anchorage, in the same building, just down from the Bartlett pool, is the Bartlett High gym?

While the swimmers were excelling at their sport, the Kenai cheerleaders were excelling at theirs. This team of girls won the state championship! They also won the five-person stunt competition and the team received a bid to participate in the national competition.

On top of this, the Kenai cheerleading coach was voted Coach of the Year! Wow! This team really stood out in their competition. I hope you will take the time to find out more about this hardworking and dedicated group of athletes.

The Kenai cheerleaders have clearly achieved a high level of excellence. Shouldn't our local paper share this success story with the community and families who clearly support and encourage participation in high school sports?

Proud of girls, disappointed in the Clarion,

Kathy Flores


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