Article disappointing, but spot on

Posted: Friday, November 19, 2010

You might want to make the time to read "The Collapsing Kenai," an article in the fall 2010 issue of Salmon & Steelhead Journal. The author, Terry Sheely, does a good job of touching on a few key issues surrounding our beloved river and the giant strain of chinook it used to frequently put out.

I'd like nothing better than to fire off a "letter to the editor" chastising the author or Pat Hoglund (editor) for such bad press, but sadly, it is spot-on and alarmingly accurate. I read it twice, searching for mis-truths, errors or omissions, but all that did was break my heart -- twice!

Check it out! It is not an enjoyable article, but a "must read," nonetheless!

Greg Brush, Soldotna

We'll see if change is coming or not

In reference to the story "Missouri senator to file bill to rein in 8(a) contracting," in the Nov. 17 Clarion:

Oops! I guess Princess Lisa (Murkowski) needs to hustle back to Washington and get her Democrat friends in line. Maybe it won't be business as usual when the Princess returns to D.C. The voters tried to tell the Princess there is a change a' coming, but she said NO, it is business as usual. We the people shall see.

Christine Hutchison, Kenai

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