Green vote worth the price?

Posted: Monday, November 21, 2005

Alaska, Louisiana Purchases: If you look back at history, our own, you will find great similarities shared by both of this great nations early purchases of land. Just think what it would be like today if the Louisiana Purchase took place and some politicians said, “Oh you can’t drill for oil in Oklahoma. And stay out of Kansas, Washington and Oregon forever!” Should we throw Louisiana in just because we like the river?

What really astounds me is these actions are sold to the average American voter in the holy grail of environmental needs. These lands were set aside to garner the Green vote, and that is where the real green is for these politicians. Real greenies should know just how much coal is going to be burned to meet rising energy needs — hope the rain isn’t to hot for you.

And thanks for putting your perceived social values above the needs and lives of real Alaskans.

Dennis Barnard


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