Chad, Bob & Charlene open CBC Tool Rental

Posted: Tuesday, November 21, 2006


  CBC Manager Tonia Pham and owners Charlene & Bob Oakes are ready to rent it or sell it to you a their new store north of Soldotna.

CBC Manager Tonia Pham and owners Charlene & Bob Oakes are ready to rent it or sell it to you a their new store north of Soldotna.

From now on when someone says they have a friend at the CBC, don’t think they’re talking about the Canadian Broadcasting Company or that other club in Juneau, think tools, supplies and rentals. Bob and Charlene Oakes have opened a new rental and supply store just a couple of miles north of Soldotna on the Sterling Highway in what might be a record time from ground breaking to opening. “We started lifting walls June 1st and we officially opened our doors Monday November 6th,” said Bob Oakes. According to Oakes, who has been in the building industry since 1982, they used a panelized building system which allowed for the building to be “dried-in” within a week.

“We prefabricated the building at Spenard Building Supplies plant in Birchwood and trucked it here. Then we lifted the wall sections that were from 30 feet long and 10 feet high in place with boom-trucks. Then the family took over and we kept them busy from sun-up to sunset all summer to make it happen,” explained Oakes.

The responsibility to create a name for the new business fell to Bob and Charlene’s 15-year-old son Chad, “Chad’s first suggestion was BCC for Bob, Charlene and Chad, but we said nahh! So he came back with CBC for Chad, Bob, and Charlene, which we liked because it put me right in the middle of the family name. This store is a dream that I’ve had for years and years and now we’re finally here and it really has been a lot of fun,” said Bob.

The new spacious CBC store offers a wide variety of tools and equipment for sale or rental, “At the moment the back hoe is the largest piece of construction equipment that we have to rent, but then we have everything from all the different space heaters to pipe thawing machines, and augers. We carry the Tanaka line of tools that includes chain saws, weed whackers, augers and tools like that. A lot of people aren’t familiar with Tanaka, they are based out of the Auburn, Washington and are kind of new to the local area, but they make a fine quality line of tools that we are happy to make available,” said Oakes.

At CBC rather than buying a tool that you may only need once you can rent a brand new tool right off the wall and then if you decide that you really will need it again and want to buy it they’ll sell it to you. Bob and Charlene have a lot of special ideas on how to cater to the seasonal needs of the community and one of them includes a do-it-yourself fish processing room, “Our vacuum pack room will have two commercial vacuum pack machines. People will pay a cleanup and waste deposit and pay by the bag for them to do their own vacuum packing. As we are not a processor, people will need to bring their fish and game ready for the vacuum packer. They will be able to rinse the fish off in our sinks but will be required to take with them all of the waste they make when vacuum packing. People who take extra care when they process their fish and game in the field will like this as no one else will be handling their meat before it goes to the freezer,” explained Charlene. CBC Rental & Supply is open Monday Friday 7:30am 6:00pm and Saturday 9:00am 5:00pm, or call 262-RENT (262-7368).

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