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Posted: Tuesday, November 21, 2006


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  The staff at Dr. Hu's dental clinic are friendly, caring professionals committed to unconditional excellence and to providing the highest quality dental care. They are Alaskans serving Alaskans and making a difference.

The staff at Dr. Hu's dental clinic are friendly, caring professionals committed to unconditional excellence and to providing the highest quality dental care. They are Alaskans serving Alaskans and making a difference.

t used to be the only time you went to the dentist was when you had a painful problem. The visit usually resulted in extractions, fillings, bridges, crowns, or root canals, all requiring painful, invasive procedures. You looked forward to going to the dentist about as much as you looked forward to a visit from the in-laws.

But now all of that has changed. Now people can look forward to going to the dentist. Through a variety of non-invasive, non-painful procedures, you can walk out the door with a smile fit for a Hollywood star. No needles, no bleeding, just a beautiful smile.

When you’re ready to work on your smile, someone you might want to call on is Dr. Jerry Hu, DDS at Dr. Hu Family Dentistry. Dr. Hu is a “hometown boy,” raised in Soldotna. He attended Redoubt Elementary, Soldotna Middle School, and graduated from SoHi in 1991. After high school, he attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Biology. He then attended Michigan School of Dentistry. In 1998 Dr. Hu returned to Soldotna and bought the practice of long-time local dentist Dr. Calvin Fair.


Dr. Hu demonstrates the use of his Biolase Waterlase machine, one of the many cutting edge procedures available at Dr. Hu Family Dentistry.

Dr. Hu offers traditional dentistry, as well as cutting edge procedures at his Binkley Street office. The office itself is a far cry from the foreboding dental offices of yore. In 2002, Dr. Hu, his family and office team designed the dental clinic under the direction of a local Alaskan architect. Feng Shui principles were used in all aspects of the office design to reflect peace, nature and tranquility with the surrounding environment. Dr. Hu likes to make his patients as comfortable as possible, whether you’re in the waiting room chairs, or the dental chairs.

Dr. Hu is a neuromuscular dentist. He explains that “Neuromuscular dentistry looks at the patient as a whole your bite [the way your upper and lower teeth fit together], your posture, your muscles the whole system, not just your teeth.” Neuromuscular dentistry identifies how dental problems can lead to many physical problems including back pain, shoulder pain, even migraines. The practice of neuromuscular dentistry aims to provide you with healthy muscles and joints, as well as a beautiful smile. Through the use of a battery operated electrical muscle stimulator, called TENS, muscles in the face, jaw, even neck and shoulder areas, can be relaxed to give you the optimum bite. This process is virtually painless and provides the dentist information as to whether your bite needs to be adjusted to a more optimal position before beginning any other dental procedures.


A dental patient with the TENS jaw tracking device used to relax muscles around the jaw. The information is then used in the dentist's diagnosis in determining the precise point that your jaw should be in relation to your upper teeth.

Dr. Hu is also one of only two dentists is the state to utilize the Biolase Waterlase MD treatment. Biolase Waterlase MD uses a laser and water to perform a variety of procedures from fillings for children and adults without anesthesia, to removing cold sores and canker sores in and around the mouth. This noninvasive procedure is usually painless and bloodless, and decontaminates the site faster to provide a safer healing environment.

If you’re looking for a spectacular new smile and the inner confidence that brings, Dr. Hu’s practice has many options for you, including Macveneers. Macveneers can enhance your smile through the use of pressed ceramics. These veneers, placed over your own teeth, are long lasting and completely stain resistant. Shows like “Extreme Makeover” often feature Macveneers in their dental makeovers, which serve to raise public awareness of the availability of this aesthetic dental option. With regular cleaning and maintenance, Macveneers can last 20 years or longer and the procedure itself usually takes just two visits to your dentist. And best of all, the lab gives an outstanding warranty on Macveneers.

Lumineers are another method of achieving that sparkling movie star smile. These thin porcelain shields can be used to correct a wide variety of dental conditions including but not limited to tooth discoloration, noticeable gaps, permanent stains, and broken or misshapen teeth. They are as thin as contact lenses and provide both beauty and strength. Lumineers can even bond to existing crowns and bridgework. In most cases, the dental process is virtually painless and requires no shots, drilling, pain, or removal of tooth structure. They can last 20 years or longer. Dr. Hu is the only Lumineer certified dentist in Alaska. As he puts it, “I’m still learning and progressing.”

Other state of the art procedures offered by Dr. Hu include the Dexis computer aided x-rays. These x-rays provide lower dose radiation and the results are available immediately. Dr. Hu also utilizes the Tomogram which provides 3D imaging. This system facilitates a more accurate picture of the mouth, making dental procedures, including implants and root canals, more exact. Oh, and for those requiring longer dental procedures, there’s a screen installed in the ceiling above one of the chairs so you can watch Spiderman to take your mind off what’s going on in your mouth!

“We are unconditionally committed to excellence and to providing the highest quality of dental care anywhere,” says Dr. Hu.

For more detailed information on any of these dental procedures, contact your dentist or Dr. Hu Family Dentistry for a consultation. For more information on Macveneers, check out the “smile gallery” on their website at Dr. Hu is the only featured dentist from Alaska on that website. You can also check out Dr. Hu’s own website at

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