KMS students take part in Mix-It-Up-At-Lunch Day

Posted: Wednesday, November 22, 2006


  Kenai Middle School students Mix-It-Up at lunch on Nov. 14. Photo courtesy Kenai Middle Scho

Kenai Middle School students Mix-It-Up at lunch on Nov. 14.

Photo courtesy Kenai Middle Scho

Jocks, Goths, Preps, and Nerds are all common terms heard around school cafeterias.

“How many of you sit at the same table, with the same people every lunch period?” was a question asked of eighth-graders at Kenai Middle School.

Most eighth graders said yes, they do sit with the same people at the same table everyday. When asked why, the majority responded, “They are our closest friends.”

Students also admitted that each table was “labeled.” Many students could draw a map showing where the Jocks, Goths, Preps, Nerds, etc., sit every day. Research shows that school cafeterias are where separation is most obvious. Can this be changed?

All across the nation students participated in Mix-It-Up-At-Lunch Day on Nov. 14. This year, an estimated 4 million students in 10,000 schools participated in this activity. The purpose of the Mix-It-Up-At-Lunch Day is to encourage students to meet new people and bring down the social walls in schools.

Eighth-graders put together Mix-It-Up-At-Lunch Day for Kenai Middle School. We put up posters, advertised the activity on morning announcements, and visited the sixth- and seventh-graders at study hall to promote and encourage participation in Mix-It-Up-At-Lunch Day. On Nov. 14, lunch tables were labeled with the twelve months of the year, and students sat at the table of their birth month. This gave them a chance to sit with kids outside of their “group.” There were various reactions toward the event. Some students looked forward to meeting new people and maybe making new friends, while others were uncomfortable sitting next to people they hardly knew.

The social wall between the Jocks, Goths, Preps, and Nerds didn’t break down on Nov. 14, but maybe events like Mix-It-Up-At-Lunch Day can serve as a hammer toward shattering the wall.

— by Sierra Aguilar,

Kenai Middle School eighth-grader

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