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Posted: Friday, November 23, 2001

Board restrictions on winter king fishery don't make any sense

I cannot understand the winter king salmon restriction passed recently by the Alaska Board of Fish. Everyone's favorite chairman and neighbor, Ed Dersham of Anchor Point, did not vote after declaring a conflict of interest.

This is one fishery that was 100 percent Alaskan. Oddly enough, it was only two years ago Dersham authored and voted in favor of a coho plan that clearly allocated fish to nonresident sportfishermen, a blatant violation of the constitution of the state of Alaska.

Last spring, Dersham held a meeting in Homer on local area management plans, otherwise known as LAMPs, for halibut. Isn't that a conflict for a saltwater guide? Couldn't the board take testimony or deliberate here on the Kenai Peninsula since these are Cook Inlet issues?

Don't tell me the board is concerned about money since it disregarded three-year cycles taking up Cook Inlet 12 times more than any other area in the state. This contrary board is bastard grain incarnate.

John McCombs


Palmer offers well-considered insight into subsistence issue

I would like to commend Les Palmer for his concise article titled: "Refusing the governor," which you published Nov. 16.

I regard Mr. Palmer as an experienced outdoorsman and a seasoned Alaskan. He has resided in Alaska for the past 37 years. More important than those qualities though is his willingness to sustain an honest inquiry into the values that bind our culture together.

His bold, well-considered position on the subsistence issue should be convincing to all Alaskans and Americans who cherish their birthright to equal access to hunting and fishing opportunities here. Mr. Palmer has correctly assessed the political hazards presented by the current dilemma: political conditions that prejudice a satisfactory solution to this essentially legal predicament.

I urge everyone who has not read the piece to do so thoughtfully.

Kathleen Graves


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