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Thanksgiving 2006

Posted: Thursday, November 23, 2006

We’re nowhere near starving,

I’m thankful for that.

The turkey I’m carving

is layered in fat.

The gov is a woman,

she’s honest as Abe.

And no truer omen

could anyone crave.

We’ve got problems knocking,

they sound bad, it’s true.

But I hear folks talking

of answers all new.

Beluga coal fields

might help Agrium.

To fix her old wheels

and continue to run.

Drift boats on the river

would stop puking gas.

And then reign forever

in “wild” fish class.

A bridge is a-buildin’

Soldotna can’t wait.

They’re eager as children

for opening day!

The inlet’s an isle

where treasures are sunk.

There seekers all smile

and look for a hunk.

America’s farmland

is green and it’s gold.

And so many barns can

not one more thing hold.

Korea has missiles,

Iraq is a mess.

But freedom’s soft kisses

are God at His best.

Thanksgiving is given

for only one day.

’Cept this near to heaven

Thanksgiving may stay.

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