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Posted: Thursday, November 23, 2006

People wonder why normal America is seeing an uprising of crime, horrible acts of killing, torture and rape, yet Hollyweird (Hollywood) keeps cranking out the junk all deviants thrive. Movies like “Saw,” “Saw 2-3,” the remake of the old “Texas Chain Saw Massacre,” “Hostel,” “House of Wax,” “House of 1000 Corpses” and its sequel, not to mention others too numerous to count.

People are getting “brainwashed” into thinking it’s OK to see awful things done to other human beings. Whether it be a “based on a true story” or not. Hollywood keeps it coming in its endeavor to make the common public numb to death scenes, rape, torture and the like. The more “shock value” the better.

The teenagers eat this garbage up, and we wonder why some are so angry and withdrawn or have anger issues. It starts at home, yes, with the parents not allowing kids to see it. However, once they reach 16-19, its hard to keep them from sneaking into the theaters with people “posing” as their parents just so they can go see it.

The crime in this country has gone over the top, and I believe, part of it is the crap we are fed from Hollywood and TV. No, you don’t have to watch it, you can choose to not see it. But our teenagers crave this terrible junk at the box office. Why? Their favorite actors/actresses are in them.

It’s not just the teens, unfortunately, for some already on the teetering edge of a homicidal rampage, this is sending the message its OK. I think we as Americans need to send Hollywood a stern message and boycott this crap at the box office offering its viewing. Look at Anchorage! People are shooting and stabbing others at a rate that is scaring many to move away.

There is no feeling of uneasiness when people view these movies. Why? It’s just a movie, right? Not to many. “Hostel” was so bad it had to put warnings to those uneasy of blood and scenes of torture to not go. Some even fainted and were taken to hospitals. Its ridiculous!

I believe our country’s constant feeding of this has made some of us complacent to the sight of someone getting his head ripped off, or someone being tortured to death. They have crossed the line in my book, and for far too long.

It’s time for we, as the people rating this crap, to send them packing. I personally have had it.

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