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Posted: Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Please understand that progressive minded people know what just happened to you. You did an historic thing with health care, and the people who stood to lose the most threw everything their money could buy at you. We know what the radical Republicans did, and even with all their despicable acts they failed to get Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. Or to even get "one" super majority in Congress.

Now, though, we urge you to stay strong. Let them bump against a brick wall every bit as solid as theirs was. Now is when we need you to fight for our Democratic principles. We need to hear that you welcome their hatred like FDR did. Sarah Palin is a failure. We've known that in Alaska for some time now. She gets livid when she loses, and is still bitter about the 2008 race. But we've proved her insignificance in our Senate race, when (counting Democrats & write-ins) a whopping 65 percent of Alaskans soundly repudiated her ultra-right agenda of hate. It was her who fooled us, not you who fooled America. Your lowest poll is still way above her highest poll.

You did exactly as you said you would, and we know that nobody could have fixed their mess in two years. We know you tried hard to work with them, but now I beg you to fight Mitch McConnell, and make them pay for every inch of something we battled so hard for. We, the Democrats, are behind you, and we need something to get fired up about. If people don't want to sign up for the health care, they should sign a waiver saying they'll buy their own, but it isn't fair to hold out until you're sick to decide to get involved. Mr. President, my wife and I are extremely proud of your determination against such powerful hate, and we know you can do it. You're a good man, but these people are like bullies on the basketball court; if you let them get away with it, they'll just get worse.

Neil C. & Olivia L. Robinson, Kenai

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