Keep Wintry Whites White And Holiday Hues Bright

Posted: Monday, November 24, 2003

(NAPSI)-'Tis the season for holiday cheer. But with all the merrymaking and celebrating, unwanted spills and stains may also make a guest appearance, ruining special holiday linens, clothing and decorations. From spilled red wine and hors d'oeuvres to splashes of gravy and eggnog, holiday stains can be more common than kisses under the mistletoe and Santa sightings at the mall.

Before you toss your favorite winter white sweater or stained expensive throw rug, think again-laundry treatments can come to the rescue. Following are helpful tips from Rit, maker of a variety of laundry care products, for removing and fighting the most common holiday stain culprits:

Beautiful white snow inevitably becomes brown, dirty slush that splatters on pants and stockings. Remove soil stains and fabric discoloration caused by rusty, dirty water with Rit Rust Remover. First scrape or brush off excess stain material, then pre-treat the garment in your washer. Wash as usual with detergent in hottest water safe for the fabric.

A reach across the table could result in a glass of red wine or grape juice on the spotless white tablecloth. Use Rit Color Remover on white fabrics (even linen) to remove dye stains on whites. The fabric can then be washed in hot water without damaging the fibers.

If cranberry sauce adds a bit of unwanted color to your winter whites, try using a fabric whitener, such as Rit White Wash. Or use Rit Whitener & Brightener to safely remove the stains and brighten yellowed, dingy white fabrics without bleach. Note that White Wash can only be used on white fabrics, while Whitener & Brightener can be used on colored fabrics.

Help remove grease and oil-based stains such as gravy and turkey juice with Rit Super Stain Remover. First scrape or blot excess residue off with a dull knife or paper towel. Treat stain, then wash the garment in hottest water safe for fabric.

If your eggnog-stained shirt is looking faded and dingy after so many washes, Rit Color Brightener can refresh the color while removing the stains. Simply add a package to the washing machine when laundering and watch your pale red top return to its vibrant ruby shade.

For more tips on keeping your clothing looking its best, visit Rit laundry treatment products can be found in grocery stores and mass merchandise outlets nationwide.

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