Wagoner proposal doesn’t sit well with former resident

Posted: Friday, November 24, 2006

On behalf of the gay and lesbian community, I’d like to say a huge thank you to that tower of intelligence from Kenai, our beloved Sen. Tom Wagoner.

Congratulations on your brilliant idea to simply take away all spousal benefits from state workers to circumvent having to give gays/lesbians the same benefit. Same-sex benefits could lead to uncomfortable debate (Clarion, Nov. 15).

What a great man you are for championing equality. Here, here! It’s about time Alaska stopped granting special rights to heterosexuals. We gays/lesbians thank you from the bottom of our third- or fourth-class hearts. You’ve just made us feel one step more equal, now we’re just second class. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you.

Gee, I must have been very misguided when I moved to Washington state where they have this same protection for gays and lesbians on the books for years, making it possible for me to get brain surgery for a chronic movement disorder, all on my partner’s benefits. I mean there must be a raging surplus of gays/lesbians in Alaska to cause you to be afraid of the cost. What is it you are afraid of again? Enlighten us.

What is Washington State thinking! I had the audacity to milk the system for my disease.

This is not the benevolent Tom Wagoner I remember growing up on the peninsula. I looked up to him. I went to school with both his daughters and saw him at all events. What happened?

Mr. Wagoner is now listening to Rush Limbaugh a lot I would guess.

C’mon Mr. Wagoner, I respect your religion whatever it may be, but keep it out of the Legislature. This is about the Constitution, not the Bible. Right or Left, where is your humanity?

Just think, I could still live back in Kenai where I’d be still suffering with essential tremor, but thanks to Mr. Wagoner, I’d be being treated equally. Wow, you are so brilliant! What a great idea. You have the complete support of all us now second-class gay and lesbian citizens.

Matthew Miller


(formerly of Kenai)

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