Monday, November 25, 2002

Anchorage's shortfall disappears
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- Anchorage's $2.5 million shortfall has all but disappeared.

Fairbanks man sentenced in stabbing death
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- A Fairbanks man has received a 75-year prison sentence for the stabbing death of his estranged wife last year.

Land bills die in U.S. House
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- Two land bills that would have benefited the University of Alaska and two Native corporations have reached a dead end.

New police dog helps village in fight against drugs
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- Fort Yukon police have a new recruit named Raven, a 1-year-old drug-sniffing black Labrador retriever.

Anti-abortion group sues over campaign law
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- The Alaska Right to Life Committee has filed a lawsuit in federal court charging that some Alaska campaign disclosure laws violate the First Amendment.

Alaska union leader resigns to take bigger job
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- Mano Frey, a leader of organized labor in Alaska for a quarter century, is leaving the state to accept a new and more powerful job in Seattle.

Man gets 75 years for stabbing ex-wife
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- A man who stabbed his ex-wife 56 times with a knife four days after their divorce was sentenced to 75 years in jail.

Tribal buildings in Sitka go smoke-free
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- Tribal organizations in Sitka have decided to ban smoking in their buildings.

State caps number of Kenai fishing guides
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- The state has capped for two years the number of fishing guides allowed on the Kenai River.

Aniak man drowns in Kuskokwim River
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- A 20-year-old Aniak man drowned over the weekend when his uncle drove a snowmachine into the Kuskokwim River, Alaska State Troopers said Monday.

Road network could link villages
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- Governor-elect Frank Murkowski campaigned on a theme of building roads to rural Alaska, but he may see his campaign pledge become real sooner than he thought.

Weekend rains flood Kenai Peninsula
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- Heavy rains flooded parts of the southern Kenai Peninsula over the weekend, damaging roads as crews finished repairs from October floods in the same area.

Eight charged with possession of alcohol
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- A federal grand jury has indicted eight people with smuggling alcohol in to Metlakatla.

Lack of snow halts Fairbanks snowmachine sales
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- You would think being in the snowmachine business would be a good gamble in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Three mayors to travel to Washington, D.C. in January
NORTH POLE (AP) -- Three mayors will travel to Washington, D.C., in January to meet with two of Alaska's congressional leaders.

Grant gives firefighters new gear
NORTH POLE (AP) -- A $117,772 federal grant to the North Pole Fire Department will provide new equipment for the full-time and volunteer firefighters.

Kenai District Attorney orders horses back to owners
KENAI (AP) -- The Kenai District Attorney is sticking by his decision to have two horses that were found weak and emaciated returned to their owners.

Court upholds murder conviction
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- The Alaska Court of Appeals has upheld the first-degree murder conviction of Adam Hamilton in the 1999 stabbing death of a his best friend.

Businessman blamed for diverting plane due in court
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- A businessman from Houston is in an Alaska jail for allegedly threatening to kill passengers and claiming to be a terrorist on a flight headed to Tokyo.

Alaska farmer grows his own turkeys
MATANUSKA VALLEY (AP) -- Anthony Schmidt is not your typical American poultry farmer.

State issues warning to 50 schools to improve
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- The state has issued a warning to 50 schools across Alaska: improve or face the consequences.

Interior villages favor Yukon River highway link
GALENA (AP) -- Representatives from nearly every village from Manley to Unalakleet filled Galena's community hall last week to discuss a Yukon River highway to link Interior villages.

State opens area to weeklong moose bowhunting season
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- The Alaska Department of Fish and Game is trying to reverse a trend: motorists outnumbering hunters in killing more moose in the Fairbanks Management Area.

Environmental decision due on Pogo soon
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- A draft Environmental Impact Statement due out in January will likely provide the go-ahead for the huge Pogo gold mine near Delta Junction, according to federal environmental regulators.

Klawock woman indicted on federal drug charges
KETCHIKAN (AP) -- A federal grand jury has indicted a Klawock woman on felony drug charges stemming from the sale of methamphetamine from her home.

MADD: Alaska's drunken driving efforts below par
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- Alaska has received one of the worst grades in the nation from Mothers Against Drunk Driving for its efforts to combat drunken driving. Only Montana did worse this year.

Weekend rains flood Kenai Peninsula
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- Heavy rains flooded parts of the southern Kenai Peninsula over the weekend, damaging roads as crews finished repairs from October floods in the same area.

High-Tech Holiday Shopping Tips: Finding The Perfect Electronic Gift
(NAPSI)-The newest gizmo, the hottest doohickey, the latest and greatest seems that each holiday season comes with an overwhelming list of "must have" gifts, especially when purchasing for a self-proclaimed "techie."

Gift-Giving Trends for this holiday season
(NAPSI)-Increasingly, it seems, Americans believe there's no place like home for the holidays-and nothing like gifts they can use at home.

Making the Most of a Short Shopping Season
(NAPSI)-With only 26 days between Black Friday and Christmas, the official holiday shopping season is shorter than ever this year.

Seeking The Season's Hottest Toys: Sanity-Saving Shopping Tips
(NAPSI)-As parents begin to unpack the holiday decorations, stock up on wrapping paper and create budgets for the upcoming season of gift-giving, schoolyards are already abuzz about the latest and greatest "must have" toys of the season.

Crafty ways to spend quality time
(NAPSI)-Parents looking for a crafty way to spend time with the kids during the holiday season may be interested in the following fun, creative and economical activity. It provides "together time" with kids and keeps them entertained during winter break.

Holiday Fire Safety: Check Your List Twice
(NAPSI)-Make fire safety part of your holiday planning. The United States Fire Administration (USFA) reports that home fires occur

More Efficient Gift Shopping
(NAPSI)-This holiday season, gift givers can wrap up their shopping and help the environment at the same time.

Two young artists share their dreams of peace
(NAPSI)-By designing a holiday greeting card about children's dreams of peace, two children are sharing their hopes of peace with children around the world.

Keep Your Cool During Hectic Holiday Entertaining: Use These Hot Ideas From Your Freezer
(NAPSI)-Holiday cooks can't wait to impress their guests with delectable hors d'oeuvres, gourmet meals and festive party dishes. But how can these holiday entertainers create an impressive spread without all the stress?

Stocking Stuffers Under $5
(NAPSI)-It doesn't have to be hard to buy inexpensive stocking stuffers for teenage boys. They like the big things-from computers and video games to bikes and DVDs-however, so to find something small that they think is "cool" can be a challenge.

How you can have a good Christmas today, and everyday
(NAPSI)-Do you remember the warm, wonderful feelings Christmas brought to you as a child? While we can't go back to our childhoods, we can take steps to make this Christmas as warm and memorable as those of our childhood.

Making the holidays more meaningful to your child
(NAPSI)-This time of year, we're bombarded with holiday messages. Every year they start earlier and earlier. Many retailers begin holiday advertising right after Halloween, promoting extravagant gifts, elaborate decorations, new clothing, lavish parties and special food. No matter what your personal beliefs, children are likely to hear a lot about Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Ramadan.

The Holidays Go Digital: Turning Moments Into Memories
(NAPSI)-The holidays are the perfect time to capture the moments you spend with family and friends in digital photos and videos to enjoy for seasons to come. But capturing those special holiday moments as lasting digital memories can become a complicated chore instead of a fun holiday activity for the whole family.

Eat Healthy During the Holiday Celebrations
(NAPSI)-Are you anxious about maintaining a healthy diet during the upcoming holiday festivities? The Cancer Research Foundation of America (CRFA) offers a few healthy eating tips for all those special occasions. A well-balanced diet and exercise can reduce your risk of cancer and other health problems!

Icon, Heirloom And a True American Treasure
(NAPSI)-Looking for the perfect holiday gift for the adventurers in your life? Consider a new book that captures a true American icon as never seen before.

Taking the stress out of holiday shopping can be easy
(NAPSI)-Want to wrap up your holiday shopping faster and easier this year? A recent Visa U.S.A. survey found that nearly half (48 percent) of women feel the holiday season is an especially stressful time of year-and the added stress of leaving shopping until the last minute can keep people from enjoying the holiday spirit.

'Tis the season to be safe: Tips to prevent injury
(NAPSI)-Winter brings colder temperatures, snow, and the holiday season, making it an ideal time to travel or participate in such activities as skiing, snowboarding or ice-skating.

Deck The Halls In Style
(NAPSI)-The holidays can be a perfect time to let your creativity flow and add extra-special touches to your home with fresh cut flowers and seasonal evergreens. Decorating is more dramatic if you give each room its own center of attention. For an unconventional approach, use miniature trees. They make a big impact in a small space.

Making quick gifts with a personal touch and minimal money
(NAPSI)-Contrary to what some people might think, you don't have to start thinking about the holidays in July to create personalized gifts.

Holiday Gifts With No Strings Attached
(NAPSI)-New products that operate using wireless technology provide practical and affordable ways to impress even difficult persons on your holiday gift list.

Personalized golf balls are a popular gift
(NAPSI)-When it comes to finding a terrific gift for the golfer in your life, here's some helpful advice: Keep it simple and think dimples.

Holiday card benefits animal health and honors animal lovers
(NAPSI)-For a holiday gift that's truly the cat's meow, how about something that not only promotes animal health, but also pays tribute to the animal lovers in your life?

NOW PLAYING: Die Another Day
It is a true testament to the simple of genius of Ian Fleming's super spy character James Bond that he has been able to span forty years and produce twenty fi

Guides limited on Kenai River
The Alaska Department of Natural Resources has placed a two-year moratorium on the issuance of new Kenai River guide permits, effective next season.

Holiday season approaches Kenai
The annual Christmas Comes to Kenai celebration Friday may not be elevated to the level of national fame this year, but organizers and community members are putting in extra effort to make this year's event the most spectacular.

Photo feature: Slip 'n' slide
An Israel Aircraft Industries Astra jet from Fred Meyer sits on the tarmac at Soldotna Municipal Airport after workers pulled it from the grass Friday morning.

Flooding shuts down Sterling Highway again
Homes were evacuated in low-lying areas of the south Kenai Peninsula on Saturday and an 8-mile stretch of the Sterling Highway and two bridges were closed as torrential rains and warm weather combined to once again flood the Anchor River and a number of streams.

Residents stay, highway remains closed
The second severe storm in a month brought with it floods that caused damage to both roads and bridges, but people in rain-soaked areas are determined not to let the water keep them from their homes.

Flag pole goes in with a bang
Boom! High above the banks of the Kasilof River Saturday, four shots erupted into the silence of a late fall afternoon. If he hadn't been halfway across the world, Cameron Wenzel would have loved it.

Nurses union, CPGH reach new agreement
The nurses union and management at Central Peninsula General Hospital reached a tentative agreement Friday evening on a new three-year contract for nurses.

Senior facility gets help from grant
The city of Kenai, and the entire central Kenai Peninsula, is $20,000 closer to building an assisted-living facility for senior citizens.

Further ordinance revisions
Other revisions have been proposed to the Kenai Peninsula Borough sales tax code besides the one dealing with recreational sales. Below is a brief list of what they are:

Transitional meetings allow public to give input on 'important' topics
It isn't even Thanksgiving yet, and Kenai Peninsula residents already are putting together their December wish lists.

Cost to play based on where 'toys' kept
When it comes to owning a plane or watercraft in the Kenai Peninsula Borough, property owners truly do have to pay to play. How much they pay varies depending on several factors -- the main one being where that property is kept.

Borough tax situation causes frustration
Members of the local recreational industry say a proposed amendment to the borough's sales tax code is arbitrary, targets recreational sales unfairly and will put their businesses at risk by forcing their customers to pay more in sales taxes than they do now.

David John Bormann
Kenai resident David John Bormann died Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2002, at Central Peninsula General Hospital after a long battle with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. He was 42.

Michael Kane
Nikiski resident Michael Kane died Saturday, Nov. 23, 2002, at Central Peninsula General Hospital in Soldotna. He was 59.

Traditional Christmas event will include new celebration of Kenai's history Putting past into perspective
Christmas is coming to Kenai again! Celebration and commemoration always go hand in hand. Having begun in1977, this annual event will include festivities, entertainment and an informative walking tour of Old Town Kenai told by knowledgeable people from our community. Everyone is invited to come join us as we relive some of the stories that made Kenai what it is today.

Bush considers making economic proposals more palatable to Democrats
WASHINGTON -- President Bush is poised to move quickly on tax cuts for individuals and businesses once the new GOP-led Congress convenes in January, seeking to spur the economy and take advantage of recent electoral gains.

Negotiating teams in school contract talks deserve A+ deserve 'A' for effort
Mediation efforts early last week between the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District and the teacher and support staff unions hardly be can considered a failure.

DEC improving communication
It's clear from recent events and an editorial ("Contaminated sites not forgotten; more work could be done," Peninsula Clarion, Oct. 18) that there can never be enough communication, information or dialogue when something as vital as the health of the Kenai River is being discussed.

Senate should make filling judicial seats top priority in January
One of the top priorities of the U.S. Senate, when it convenes in January, should be to fill judicial openings.

Letters to the Editor
Superintendent, school board don't pay attention to public testimony Kenai Peninsula Food Bank needs donations now more than ever Resolution in support of Cordova drilling bad for the environment

U.S. should step back, let U.N. team do its job
Many of us assume President Bush or one of his key associates would play the key role in deciding the outc

Photo feature: A better view
The sun sets behind Hideout Hill in the Kenai Mountains on a foggy day earlier this month. Forecasters are calling for similar weather -- mainly the clouds -- this week, with the slight possibility of a break on Thanksgiving.

Resort offers quiet space
SUNDANCE, Utah -- Sundance Village, Robert Redford's own resort at the base of the Wasatch Range's highest peak in Utah, is known worldwide for its annual film festival. But it also offers a low-key, no-hassle escape just about any time of year in what the actor calls rustic elegance.

Turkey talk: It's all in the temperature
All across the country this week, home economists and food safety professionals will be doing their best to educate the public on the importance of safe food handling practices related to the traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

Around the Peninsula
HEA, chambers sponsor light competitionsWell contamination may be presentSEA awards banquet plannedCenter offers free clothing.

Club News
Elks table tennis winners announced

Community News
Equestrians to host awards banquet Post office offers North Pole cancellations Junior Miss contest applications available Camp planned for families dealing with FAS

My Best Friend
Corey Hanson helps his Uncle Troy's cat, Fathead, pose for the camera, while Cory's sister Asia finds the whole thing humorous. Cory and Asia are the children of Heidi Hanson of Soldotna.

Peninsula People
Nikiski man graduate recruit training Peninsula men complete law enforcement training Kenai pair score at Special Olympics tournament

Food bank serves up holiday cheer
The horn of plenty doesn't fill itself. And as the holiday season approaches, help is often in order for those who either find themselves unable to meet their needs for setting a place for the family meal, or unable to come up with just what to serve.

Community Schools
The following is a list of Soldotna Community School classes and activities beginning this week. It is printed to serve as a reminder to registered participants.

Britain to allow some pets with passports
LONDON -- Dogs and cats from the United States and Canada will be allowed to enter Britain without enduring the dreaded six-month quarantine -- and just in time for Christmas travel.

Patsy and Calvin Fertig Jr.

Christian organization aids children in Russia
Kenai-based SOAR Interna-tional Ministries will once again provide Christmas stockings to children in Russia.

Around the Peninsula
Refuge reopens firewood area Thanksgiving-Christmas food drive under way Chamber prepares for lights parade Soroptimists to begin fund-raiser Biologist to discuss bears Club to hold auction Family center plans potluck

Mugger gets taste of his own medicine
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) -- A mugger found that turnabout is fair play.

Mashed potatoes
Cheesy mashed potatoes

Cookie Party: friends and one basic recipe-dozens of cookies
(NAPSI)-Imagine offering your holiday guests an assortment of rich, home-baked cookies with chocolate, nuts and more. Don't think you have time to create such sweet treats? That's what friends are for.

Green Bean Soup (Also known as Schaubelsupp) recipe
Zesty green soup.

Apple Sauce with Crunchy Topping
A sweet and nutty alternative to conventional apple sauce

Yule peppernuts
Delightful cookie.

Festive Holiday Punch
Keeps them coming back for more

Green tomato pie
Great recipe to use up those green tomatoes.

Holiday Wassail recipe
Here we come a wassailing... a hot winter drink for your holiday festivities

Seasoned stuffing recipe
Stuffing recipe using wild rice, apples and walnuts.

Grand cookies
Traditional holiday cookie.

Enchilada soup
Zesty winter soup.

Pumpkin Almond Cake
Save those pumpkins for something other than pie this year

Fiesta time: Victory sends Buckeyes to title game
COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Go ahead, Ohio State. It's safe to exhale.

Warriors prevail at North/South
With the two wrestling seasons no longer declassified and fully split, the North/South Tournament had a familiar feel Friday and Saturday at Soldotna High School.

Nikiski icemen get first victory
The Nikiski hockey team picked up its first victory of the season Friday with a 6-4 victory over a Wasilla team made up of varsity and junior varsity players. The game was at Brett Memorial Ice Arena in Wasilla.

Sorenstam caps off her year in style
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Annika Sorenstam was determined at the start and dominant to the end.

Spurrier finally seems to be getting the NFL game -- sort of
There were giggles around the NFL when Steve Spurrier announced he was making yet another change at quarterback: Danny Wuerffel and Patrick Ramsey, he said, might each get to play a half for his Washington Redskins against St. Louis.

Bell, Phillies negotiate $17 million, 4-year deal
PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- Third baseman David Bell agreed to a $17-million, four-year deal with the Philadelphia Phillies on Sunday.

Panthers, Ducks push
ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP) -- Kristian Huselius scored with 14 seconds left in regulation, and Valeri Bure had three assists as the Florida Panthers tied the Anaheim Mighty Ducks 4-4 Sunday.

Shammond Williams paces Celtics to win over Hawks
ATLANTA -- Shammond Williams stepped into the starting lineup and had 19 points and six of Boston's 17 steals as the Celtics won their third straight game Saturday night, defeating the Atlanta Hawks 109-99.

Mediate, Janzen lead Shootout
NAPLES, Fla. (AP) -- Rocco Mediate and Lee Janzen are threatening to run away with the Franklin Templeton Shootout title.

Isbister, Weinhandl lead Islanders to victory over Trottier's Rangers
NEW YORK -- Brad Isbister scored twice and rookie Mattias Weinhandl had three assists in the third period, rallying the New York Islanders past the New York Rangers 3-1 on Saturday.

Nikiski's Rabung signs on with UAF cagers
Nikiski senior Karen Rabung signed a national letter of intent to play basketball for the University of Alaska Fairbanks Wednesday.

Americans win luge doubles Cup event
PARK CITY, Utah (AP) -- Americans Mark Grimmette and Brian Martin opened the World Cup luge season with a doubles victory Saturday, beating Olympic gold medalists Patric Leitner and Alexander Resch of Germany.

Arizona opens with rout
TUCSON, Ariz. -- No. 1 Arizona lived up to the preseason hype and then some in its opener.

Sports Briefs
Stars pin Knights in dual meetUAF upsets Huskers at Top of the WorldPioneers down SeawolvesMiami of Ohio drops Nanooks

Celebrations turn ugly at several college games
Fan celebrations got out of hand after several college football games Saturday, with Washington players being pelted with debris and several people sustaining injuries following victories.

Red Sox to name Epstein, 28, GM
BOSTON (AP) -- The Boston Red Sox will hire Theo Epstein as their general manager, a team source told The Associated Press on Sunday night.

Top-ranked Blue Devils defeat No. 2 Lady Vols
RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) -- Duke's first week at No. 1 was a rousing success.

Pack coach challengesSapp block
TAMPA, Fla. -- Green Bay coach Mike Sherman angrily confronted Tampa Bay's Warren Sapp after the Packers' 21-7 loss to the Buccaneers Sunday, complaining that the All-Pro defensive tackle knocked one of his players out of the game with a cheap shot.

Close finishes, hard hits just another Sunday
CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Michael Vick threw for 272 yards and a pair of touchdowns, Warrick Dunn scored twice, and Atlanta's defense used eight sacks and six turnovers to hand Carolina its eighth straight loss, 41-0.

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