100th Anniversary of Wright brothers' first flight draws some local interest

Posted: Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Next month, December 17th, will mark the 100th anniversary of the historic flight of the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk, and local aviators are still in awe at their achievement. Nelson Amen, a local private pilot and model aircraft enthusiast, recently told the Kenai Rotary club, "It is simply amazing that those two individuals were able to put all the things together that were required for powered flight, the thrust required, the control of the aircraft and the construction of the aircraft itself to make that flight was a task almost beyond imagination, and those two brothers did it for us." Amen has put together an interesting power point presentation commemorating the centennial of the Wright Brothers first flight. In building his own aircraft from a kit, and having constructed and crashed many model airplanes, he has gained an uncanny appreciation and respect for manned flight, "Flight can be very unforgiving, it's a lot of fun and a wonderful hobby, but on the other hand the same challenges still exist to see if you as an individual can put together an aircraft and successfully fly it. But it's what keeps you going and must have been the same thing the Wright brothers felt, the fact that with your own hands you are putting something together that will eventually take to the skies," said Amen.

Amen believes that in the next one hundred years we'll see things that are as unimaginable as man flying was just 100 years ago, "Flight may take on a whole new dimension, but the same lessons of flight will be there that were there for the Wright brothers and if you don't pay attention to those lessons and take it one step at a time, chances are you won't be around the next day to try it again." Amen is willing to make his presentation on Man's First Flight available to anyone or group interested, "We should be very proud of what the Wright brothers did, and I'd be more than happy step up to the plate for any local gathering with my presentation of how it was and how it all came about," said Amen. Anyone interested can contact Nelson Amen at Tesoro by calling 776-3500.

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