Burglary may leave thieves pooped out

Posted: Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Burglars who broke into a feed store in Seward on Wednesday may soon be looking to break into an outhouse.

"What they got was a mild, mild smooth muscle relaxer for horses with colic," said Elizabeth Dunn, proprietor of Knots So Fast feed store on the outskirts of Seward.

In other words, the thieves stole medicine used as laxatives for large animals not people.

Dunn, who has operated the feed store for 12 years, taking the business over from her father, said some feed stores in the 1970s carried a large-animal drug that did "pack a punch."

"This isn't it. We don't carry that drug or anything like it," she said.

The product last week's burglar or burglars made off with is Flunixamine Flunixin Meglumine, according to Dunn.

"We didn't even have that much of it. We only had about 10 ml," she said.

"We had it because we used it to help other horses."

According to Alaska State Troopers, the thief or thieves broke in through a window and took the horse medicine and some syringes. They also attempted to steal money, but only found some coins in the cash register.

"I think they were also looking for iodine. They use it to make (methamphetamine)," Dunn said.

"I don't carry it, and I'm not carrying any medicines or syringes anymore," she said.

"We've had four burglaries in the last year."

Troopers are asking anyone with information about the burglary to call them in Seward at (907) 224-3346.

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