Reader: Jans off the mark

Posted: Friday, November 25, 2005

Nick, Nick, Nick. Has moving to the city made you forget that Alaskans rely heavily on healthy game populations to meet their consumptive needs? (“Author joins fight against wolf hunt,” Clarion, Nov. 11.)

Much of the problem Alaskans face today is because predator populations, especially wolves, have gone largely unchecked since the end of land and shoot. Your petition advocates that predator control can only be implemented when there is a biological emergency and that it will cease when the minimum numbers of predators have been removed to eliminate the emergency.

What you are advocating will never return herd strengths to needed expectations.

Let’s say you have 10 moose per square mile, and you set a biological emergency number at two moose per square mile. Now, even if you incorporate predator control, that has to end when the emergency criteria is met, you are likely to be behind the power curve again very soon, and you have put Alaska hunters in a situation where they will be fighting over the scraps left behind by the predators.

Hunters will never again enjoy the level of success they have become accustomed to. We should not have to accept the lowest common denominator as the norm for future consumptive needs.

Alaskans deserve better. I urge my fellow Alaskans not to sign this petition and support properly managed predator management.

Dwight Kramer


Editor’s note: The following three letters were submitted in recognition of National Family Caregivers Month.

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