Use modern tech to fight DUIs

Posted: Thursday, November 25, 2010

Re: the Clarion editorial on drunk driving:

I do get frustrated with those who think jail is the only answer. Not as frustrated as I do with the death, destruction and ruined lives caused by driving under the influence, but frustrated nonetheless.

Our jails are overfilled and they are expensive. What's wrong with trying high-tech? As an example, put a GPS ankle bracelet on everyone (everyone, from 1st time up) who is convicted. Set up a computer program to track the GPS signal. Program it to ignore the driving pattern of a city bus. Set it to flash an alarm at the nearest police/AST station with location/sped/direction details. Set it to alarm if it stays "still" for too long, in case the subject finds some way to cut it off, or maybe fix the bracelet so it alarms when the band is cut.

Look at the Scandinavian experience. Been over 30 years since I was there, but I'm still impressed. Of course, they've had many decades to re-educate the public -- and they don't excuse anyone for a first offense -- a year in jail, no time off, no weekends, etc.

So maybe, since we can't wait decades to re-educate Americans, switch to high tech. Keep them out from behind the wheels. I'm tired of reading the Clarion's Police Report's "repeat" offenders and seeing them do it again. I'm sick of the death and carnage.

Leif Jenkinson


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