Take a tip from Ben Franklin

Posted: Thursday, November 25, 2010

There seems to be a lot of confusion as to what the Tea Party is after. Old Guard Republicans and Democrats alike are clueless. The Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the thoughts of the people who drafted them are alien to these people. Here's what I believe the American Voters were looking for in their elected officials:

"They are of the people, and return again to mix with the people, having no more durable preeminence than the different grains of sand in an hourglass. Such an assembly cannot easily become dangerous to liberty. They are the servants of the people, sent together to do the people's business, and promote the public welfare; their powers must be sufficient, or their duties cannot be performed. They have no profitable appointments, but a mere payment of daily wages, such as are scarcely equivalent to their expences; so that, having no chance for great places, and enormous salaries or pensions, as in some countries, there is no triguing or bribing for elections." -- Benjamin Franklin, letter to George Whatley, 1785.

We have come a long, long way from this mind set. The only way to remove special interests from government is to have such a small limited government that there is no benefit to be gained from pandering to the elected officials and unelected bureaucrats.

Vicki Pate


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