New video makes mockery out of of JFK's assassination

Posted: Friday, November 26, 2004

On Nov. 23, 1963, I was 8 years old and attending Scotts Valley Country School as a third grade student near Augusta, Wis. Even though that awful day was 41 years ago, I remember it as vividly and precisely as though it was yesterday.

I can pretty well draw out that old country schoolhouse and remember that the old-time phone was on the wall on the left side of the building as we looked forward. The events of that day and the days immediately following are permanently etched into my brain.

I can still see the teacher, Mrs. Pederson, hang up the phone and turn to us with tears in her eyes and make the following announcement "President John F. Kennedy has been shot and killed in Dallas, Texas."

There was a stunning silence that swept over us normally busy and active young children. Even though we were young and did not really understand what this tragic event really meant in the eyes of the world, we knew it to be one of the saddest events of our young lives. There were many tears shed that day by our teacher, my classmates and I as we tried to understand how something this terrible could happen. After seeing the young Kennedy children, we even tried to imagine what it would be like to be in their place and losing our own fathers.

On Nov. 22, 2004, I was shocked to see that there is a new video game out called the JFK video assassination game. You are the shooter attempting to kill the president of the United States! What has our great country come to?

I urge all of my fellow Americans and other responsible people of the world to boycott this terrible game as well as any other products sold by this company. To attempt to use one of the most gruesome and tragic events in American history to make money is despicable.

Parents, it is time to take a stand and not allow such garbage in your homes. It is time to take pride in our country once again and the pride thing starts at home! Get up in the mornings and work as a team getting your children off to school and see that they have a good breakfast and either money for a lunch or lunch provided for.

I also advise you all to exercise one of your most important rights we have in America, religious freedom. Get your family to church on Sunday like our forefathers, who built this great country, did. Be leaders of your family, your communities, your children's schools and your church. Be an example that your children can follow. Pray for our soldiers throughout the world who are fighting for the many freedoms you are enjoying as you read this.

If your children are indulging in such games as the JFK game, spank them, and then have someone spank you for allowing it in your home in the first place! And if anyone else sticks their nose in for not allowing this garbage in your home, spank them, too.

Now that you have finally taken a stand in your life and are actually going to be a leader in your family, hopefully I will see all of you in church, too.

John Perkovich


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