Reader: Opportunity not missed

Posted: Monday, November 26, 2007

Kristy McCullough's comments on Nov. 14, pushing for mandatory roads in all new subdivisions is not a missed opportunity. It's mostly a redundancy of existing ordinances.

The only change from existing ordinances is requiring roads to be constructed during the preliminary plat process prior to final plat approval and recording. Existing ordinances already require road construction to conform to borough standards. If there are complaints about existing roads, the only causes could be illegal roads constructed without borough approval or the review and inspection services provided by the roads department.

What is so obviously missing in hearings from the promoters of this ordinance is any documentation or studies quantifying the source of the problem. Additionally, there will be a major financial impact on subdividers, who may be planning roads at a later date.

Many landowners, who are not full time developers, subdivide their property in anticipation of future land sales. This ordinance will force them to construct expensive roads, when there is yet any demand or individual lot improvements. The borough also will have to maintain unoccupied roads, thus diverting resources away from existing roads, unless the budget is increased. If the intent of this ordinance is to provide the borough with better roads, the promoters of this ordinance should first explain how it deviates from existing ordinances and secondly, provide quantifiable evidence of the problem.

Terry Cowart


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