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Posted: Monday, November 26, 2007

Editors note: The winner of the Kenai Peninsula Food Bank's annual World Food Day essay contest is Cody Warren. He is a sixth-grader with Connections Home-school program. He is the son of Jesse and Kelley Warren of Soldotna. Cody received a savings bond. The essay is printed as it was submitted.



When I came to Alaska I saw hundreds of people holding up signs for money or food. Then, when I tried to give one of the hungry people my left over food from Kentucky Fried Chicken, I was told that I could not stop and give them my food or even a dollar. Why? Why can't I help them if I want to? Why can't they eat what they want to eat? I figure all they can do is have hope. Hope that they get even raw fish straight from the sea or river. I mean why can't "we the people of the U.S.A" help give them food, which in my opinion, is their god given right to eat.

For the hungry and poor what is getting a meal? Sure you may give them food one day but what happens the next day? They are hungry again just like you and me. We, as citizens of the Kenai Peninsula, need to teach them how to grow their own food. We should make community gardens and green houses for anyone to grow there own food. They have the right to eat every day like all citizens in the world.

Because food is a necessity and is what our bodies need to survive then it is everyone's duty to make sure everyone in the world has food. I always get food to eat. I can't think of a day that I went to bed without a meal. Why can't everyone else? We need to give food as often as possible to the food bank for the hungry.

Every school I have been to piles up food in the trash cans. Except one of my older schools, because there would be a teacher at the trash cans and you would have to show them your food tray. If you didn't finish all of your food you would have to go back to the table and eat the rest. If you happen to bring a lunch to school and didn't want to eat everything that was in the lunch you could not throw what you didn't want away. You would have to place it back in your lunch box and take it home to your parents.

Maybe if more schools would have this kind of policy kids might grow up being less wasteful with food and there would be more to go around for the hungry.

At my old school we also had can drives. That means we would bring canned foods to school and the school board would donate them to the food bank.

I watched a news clip the other day about the hungry people in Africa. On the clip were kids my age that looked as small as babies. They looked like skeletons with skin on them. This is what is happening all around the world. We have to spend a fraction of our time to help feed the hungry and stop this.

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