Coal mine concerns reader

Posted: Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I am writing to express my feelings on an important topic facing our part of the state, the Chuitna Coal Mine project. If allowed to go proceed, this strip mine will dump millions of gallons of mine waste into a pristine watershed. More large ships will be coming in and out of our beautiful Cook Inlet possibly at the detriment of our abundant marine life. We will be shipping millions of tons of coal to Asia so they can burn it and it can blow back in our faces. The existing pollution in Asia is already an issue around the world as the wind blows with no regard to political boundaries. Besides, if you really think about it, isn't that pollution already ours? We outsource massive amounts of petroleum product manufacturing and then call it "China's Pollution"? Think of the hundreds of thousands of container vans that make a longer voyage than most of us ever will. Is it really worth poisoning our planet just to have the convenience of kid's meal toys and and never ending amounts of packaging materials, etc.? Yes, some things that are "made in China" have a purpose, but many are just to feed our need of never ending convenience. If we want to create a sustainable future we need to find other ways to do it than stripping our land of all the combustible materials it contains. Besides, if we leave the coal there, our childrens' great-grandchildren will have some beautiful diamonds.

Willow King,


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