Single primary ballot may have made a difference

Posted: Friday, November 26, 2010

Perhaps if the state had a single primary ballot listing all the candidates, issues, and other matters to be voted on, then Joe Miller might not have won.

I am registered as Undeclared, as are 177,218 other people in Alaska, according to the latest information on the state website. The Nonpartisan total shows 78,189. The combined total for both is 255,408. The next closest number are the Republicans with 126,486, which is less than half the 255,408.

For me, and most of the other Undeclareds and Nonpartisans I suspect, that means I want the option to vote for the individual, not the party.

At the polling place I am offered one of two ballots containing candidates -- the Republican or Democratic ticket. If I want to vote for individuals on both, I lose my freedom of choice because I am only allowed to chose one.

If all the candidates were listed on the primary ballot I would have voted for Lisa Murkowski. However, I believed she would win the primary and there was another individual I wished to vote for in another position on the Democratic ticket, so I chose that one. I wonder how many others were left in this quandary because there are two separate tickets? I wonder if Lisa lost and Joe won because of this law that takes away part my freedom of choice?

Dean Hill, Sterling

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