Act respectably to get respect

Posted: Monday, November 27, 2006

A writer in the Anchorage paper made a comment about the terrible lack of political politeness of his statement (that) the people missing from their time to speak, must have found some free beer. I have a little bit of Scotch-Irish in my back ground and would wager that that phrase was coined a few hundred years before the writer was born.

It is quite possible that a little responsibility should be placed on the people who were supposed to have committed themselves to make their presence at the podium at a given time. This is not a native thing, it is the rule in this country of political correctness now to criticize anything that they can dig up about anybody, not just natives, but every body in this great country. No matter what a persons color or origin may be and I have worked with almost every one of them, and I have respect for the natives and all persons. One thing that I have learned in my lifetime is that if you want to be respected, you must be able to command respect by your own persona.

I have often disagreed with the actions of the wildlife commissions in this state, but I think that the State of Alaska has one of the best managed programs in the United States and I respect them for trying to balance the wildlife population in a feasible and proper manner. I think that we all may get a little greedy about what we can catch and hunt, but I think that it has been handled quite well.

Paul D. Morrison


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