Davis family of extreme sledding champions to charge hard in 2010

Posted: Friday, November 27, 2009

Not only has Scott Davis, of Davis Block & Concrete in Soldotna, won the world's longest snow machine race, The Iron Dog more than any other rider, by claiming victory 7 times since the race began in 1984 - most recently in 2007 with his partner Todd Palin, but his teenaged son Corey, and daughter Carly, also hold national championships of their own. Corey, who graduated from Soldotna High School two years ago, earned the Semi-Pro National Championship last year, and went on to win the bronze medal at the popular X-Games. His younger sister, Carly who also recently graduated from SoHi, went on her second national racing tour last year claiming the National Women's Pro Championship title of the year. "I got hooked up with some great people on the Christian Brothers Racing Team out of Northern Minnesota, and have had a couple terrific years thanks to the help of my Dad, which just couldn't be any better. I'll be back with them again this year, and hopefully can make it to the X-Games. But I'd like to do some cross country racing in the future, and maybe partner with my Dad on the Iron Dog," Carly told the Dispatch.

Corey has already headed south for whiter pastures to train for the coming season. "I hung out here waiting for the snow, but it never came. So I'm off to British Columbia where they have some great conditions right now. Last year I was on Arctic Cat Team, and had great success building relationships with our mechanics and taking the Semi-Pro Championship, and then bringing home the bronze at the X-Games in the speed and style class. It just all came together for me," said Corey, standing next to a newspaper photo of him doing a handstand over the handle-bars of his snow machine as it was flying through the air. "Many of the aerial tricks we learn came to us from the Moto-cross guys who learned the stunts on bikes. We practice over foam pits so that if we loose it, we don't get hurt," Cory explained, noting he had only broken one ankle and his collar bone. "I've been real lucky, knock on wood!" he said. Corey Davis plans to run his first race of the season Thanksgiving weekend in Duluth, Minnesota. Corey said he would like to run the Iron Dog either with his Dad or with another partner, within the next few years, but for now is focusing on returning to the X-Games and medaling in some other events.

Patriarch Scott Davis is also training for what he hopes will be his eighth Iron Dog championship, after having a couple tough runs the last two years. "We're going to take another hard charge at it again in 2010," said Scott. "After Todd's (Palin) crashes and our last finishes, we were motivated to develop a new chassis and go back at the race from a different standpoint this year, even though we can feel the age catching up with us. We knew this day would come, and now we have kids in their twenties that have seven to nine Iron Dogs under their belts, so they have youth and experience, but we've ramped it up this year and still feel that we are competitive and certainly capable of winning if things go our way," said Davis, adding that he has been spending more time in the gym working out and training than ever before. "Conditioning is almost a year-round job now, of being in the gym three to four days a week, where before it didn't take nearly the effort to get race-fit. But I'm extremely proud of the kids. This year Corey will be a full pro, and Carly is the women's champion, and the whole family has been working really hard and we're going to be back at again this year," said Scott. For more information about the Iron Dog or to follow Scott Davis and Todd Palin during the race go to www.irondog.org.

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