Poll Questions about anthrax attacks

Posted: Wednesday, November 28, 2001

1. Has the U.S. government's handling of the anthrax situation made you more confident, less confident or has it not affected your confidence in the government's ability to protect citizens from terrorist attacks?

More confident, 26 percent

Less confident, 21 percent

Has not affected confidence, 50 percent

Don't know-refused, 3 percent

. Do you think the recent incidents involving anthrax do or do not represent the beginning of a sustained campaign against the United States involving anthrax?

Do, 45 percent

Do not, 43 percent

Don't know-refused, 12 percent

3. Do you think anthrax is contagious or not?

Contagious, 26 percent

Not contagious, 65 percent

Don't know-refused, 9 percent

4. How worried are you about the possibility that terrorists may use smallpox in attacks in the future? Would you say you are very worried, somewhat worried, not too worried or not worried at all?

Very worried, 11 percent

Somewhat worried, 42 percent

Not too worried, 26 percent

Not worried at all, 21 percent

Don't know-refused, 1 percent

5. Americans have not gotten smallpox vaccinations for years, but the vaccines would protect people if terrorists released smallpox into the air. The vaccine carries some serious side effects, however, and can be fatal for a small percentage who get it. If you were offered the vaccine, would you get it to protect yourself or not?

Would get it, 61 percent

Would not get it, 30 percent

Don't know-refused, 9 percent

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