Despite court rulings, marriage is between one man, one woman

Posted: Friday, November 28, 2003

The rulings by the Vermont and Massachusetts supreme judicial courts allowing "civil unions" with the same benefits as marriage is ludicrous. The logic they used to come to their decision is tenuous at best.

I have no animosity against homosexuals; however, their lifestyle is definitely not a marriage. Marriage in all countries in the New World, Europe and most of the rest of the world was always a special relationship between one man and a woman (although in some places a relationship between a man and several women). Marriage in civilized society was never a relationship between a man and another man or a woman and another woman.

In order to stop this foolishness, I urge everyone to write their state and federal legislators to amend the constitution to define "marriage" as a special relationship between one man and one woman.

Esther Rhines


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