Reader offers compromise on Soldotna bridge lights

Posted: Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I am replying to the letter written by Viveca Draper in Clarion paper on Nov. 13, which she asked for others' opinion. Personally, I think the lights on new Soldotna bridge are beautiful, original and different.

In a land where we have so much darkness, we can use a touch or wonder to brighten our life. Our Alaska sky is also beautiful, but that does not mean we can't enjoy the northern lights.

As I drive over the bridge each day with my grandchildren, we always have something to say about the lights. Although they seem to be malfunctioning often, I sincerely hope they remain. Please enjoy the beautiful bridge this summer when we are having all daylight and the lights won't show up.

In fact, I was wondering what they look like when you fly over the bridge. However, after I read Ms. Draper's letter, I did give it more thought and I can understand how she feels. The changing colors could seem a little too much for some people. The more I reflected, the more I thought the idea of all white lights would be pretty against the darkness of winter and our beautiful snow.

So maybe this resident would offer a compromise. Maybe one night a week, Sundays perhaps, we could have all white lights, as Ms. Draper suggested. White lights might bring a different "feel" to the bridge's approach maybe a warmer more inviting feeling

Thanks to Ms. Draper for entertaining this discussion. I hope we hear from more residents, including those who own businesses in downtown Soldotna. Which do you prefer, the bridge of many colors or a more stately bridge of white lights?

Just our thoughts on the subject and no disrespect to Ms. Draper.

Patricia and Betty Truesdell


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