Money could be better spent by city than on lights

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Friday, November 30, 2007

In response to Ms. (Viveca) Draper's question regarding the lights on the Kenai River bridge (Clarion, Nov. 13), the lights in my opinion are too flashy, too distracting and should be turned off completely.

For a city that is concerned with budgets and money, it seems a waste that money is spent on this. Whatever amount it costs, however minimal, would be better spent elsewhere.

It would have been nice to be asked what the citizens thought about the addition of flashing lights to the bridge.

Of course, the lights on the "Holiday" decorations that grace our streetlights should be turned off, as well equal opportunity energy saving, right?

Thank you, Ms. Draper for opening this discussion. Hopefully people will speak out in more ways than just letters to the editor.

Holly Conner


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