Son lost to addiction should open communities eyes

Posted: Monday, November 30, 2009

This letter is for those who have lost someone to an addiction, and to those who have contributed to the addiction.

I lost my son, and I will never understand why. I understand that he made the choice to use. The addiction takes over and controls your life. What I don't understand is, to the family in Kenai, and to his "friends" in Soldotna, and to those in the medical field that supplied him, was that almighty dollar worth my son's life? Was it really worth it to you? How many loved ones do we have to lose, before you take ownership to your part in this? I lost my son, my children lost their brother, and those beautiful little girls and baby boy lost their uncle. When will this stop?

I know of several "kids," which they will always be to me, that have lost their lives to drugs, from Kenai and Soldotna. I know who many of you are, as suppliers. I greet you when I see you, a lot of you say, "How's Trenton. I haven't seen him for a long time." When the truth is, you may have just supplied him within the last week. You take that money and feed your children, pay your rent, or supplement your addiction. What will you do when someone is supplying your loved ones with the same drugs you are pushing? Will you feel any remorse then? Are you proud when your children take over the family business of selling drugs?

I understand the loss of losing any loved one is so terribly hard. There is none like losing your child. Such a waste of a beautiful life, such an unnecessary death. The cycle has to stop. Can the loss of Trenton open your eyes? If the loss of Trenton can save just one life, or stop a sale of the drugs, they maybe, just maybe, I can justify my loss, or see some reason to it. My anger and pain will never go away.

I know that I am not alone in my feelings. Trenton left some wonderful friends. I will always think of you and the good times Trenton had with you.

Patricia Rhodes


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