Stock cars vs motocross

Posted: Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Peninsula Stockcar Racing Association that built and started this racetrack did not intend it to be a motocross race facility period! There has been a lot of Radio Gaga talk like this is its original use. Well it isn't! The late Chet Wilhelm was one of many involved in starting this track. He would chew me out good if he thought for a second I was letting somebody foster that idea.

The founding fathers of Peninsula Racing chose this location to put some distance between them and the motocross madness. Now we have been sold the story that it is because of Homeland Security that they closed the Soldotna Airport to this use. One look around the country will show many many areas where the first knee jerk ideas of Homeland Security have overstepped common needs and uses. Some things have returned to normal use patterns without problems. You remember, like the North Road beach access wars of 2006 -- 2008?

So to the folks that pushed the HLS in Soldotna, "on guard." This may look like a pen in my hand, but I really want to cross swords with anyone backing this and publicly fillet your ideas!

I have one more very concrete concern, that is property values declining due noise pollution. Nationwide studies have shown the mere presence of these noises raise stress levels and blood pressure. It also has a negative affect on property value, just where do I send my bill for property devaluation due noise pollution? So the Kenai Peninsula Borough and the City of Kenai are going to give away the hard earned value of local residents property? Well, not without a fight your not! So I guess you can look at this as a line in the sand. The talk coming from the Racing Lions is already pointed at keeping this track open for motocross racing until 9 p.m. So almost a mile away from the track I won't be able to enjoy my deck in the evening until 9 without having to shout over the buzzing and roaring of motocross.

There are some 75 members of the motocross assocication. To allow them to reduce property values in this area by 5 percent would cost how much in assessed taxes to the borough and the city? I just want to make sure we get a bargain for that dollar the Borough is planning to sell this track for. Check with your local land appraisal businesses about just how much this could cost the local tax payer. Too much bang for the buck.

Dennis Barnard, Kenai

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