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Posted: Friday, December 01, 2000

The Al Gore cartoon runs like the Road Runner and the Coyote cartoon. Mr. Gore is behaving like the Coyote and the presidency is his Road Runner.

Mr. Gore will do anything, say anything or go anywhere to catch the presidency.

Unfortunately, like the Coyote chasing the Road Runner off the cliff, Mr. Gore is also chasing the presidency beyond the safety of solid ground. The only difference is that Mr. Gore is dealing with law and not gravity.

Florida election law allows canvassing boards to protest election results up to five days after the election and allows them to drop their protests at anytime. Mr. Gore wants to act like this five-day law does not exist.

Mr. Gore is attempting to chase the presidency beyond this pre-existing election law. Like the Coyote, as long Mr.. Gore does not look down he continues to appear to defy Florida election law. Fortunately, like the Coyote, Mr. Gore will eventually be forced to look down and realize that he also is defying forces much larger than himself. The legal reality of the U.S. Supreme Court will eventually force Mr. Gore to look down to see that he is also running on nothing. We all know what happens after this realization sinks in: The end result is just a little puff of dust as the victim hits the next reality.

Florida election law states: Any candidate for nomination or election, or any elector qualified to vote in the election related to such candidacy, shall have the right to protest the returns of the election as being erroneous by filing with the appropriate canvassing board a sworn, written protest. Such protest shall be filed with the canvassing board prior to the time the canvassing board certifies the results for the office being protested or within 5 days after midnight of the date the election is held, whichever occurs later.

Don Johnson


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