Assembly should work to make peninsula better place to live

Posted: Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Thanks for broadcasting your meetings during the winter months. And thanks, especially for airing them on KDLL, a station that can make a person think if that person would want to.

I had heard, via KDLL, that we voters would receive an extra $10,000 off our property taxes for next year. And being on permanent disability and welfare I was delighted but confused as to why?

I still don't know why, but after listening to the testimony I found that small businesses were omitted from this highly questionable property tax deduction.

Without the small businesses, Soldotna would consist of Safeway, Fred Meyer, GNC in the mall, the department store there, Aspen Hotel, McDonald's, Arbys, gas stations, Blockbuster, realty groups, Johnson Tires, Save-U-More, the hospital and all of its subsidiaries. Shades of the lower 48, which is not what Alaska is, no matter how much our state and local governments strive to make it.

My cousin spent a week up here and was not impressed enough to return.

"It looks like California (where he lives), and I expected something different," is how he put it.

If you think were losing precious tourism dollars, think "culture." Don't think the voters should ante up for what you've mistakenly turned this beautiful friendly little town into one big gift shop with fast food to go.

The assembly is supposed to represent us, the voters. Is this correct? There's more to life than the feed bag, guys and gals.

I'm confused as to why you're unaware of the fish problems (except for the woman who acknowledged having read the article.)

I figured you all read the Clarion, occasionally and you're all more privy to Fish and Game and other bureaucratic think tanks than the average voter. Isn't it your job to know what's going on in your community?

This is why I've voted all these years.

Surely, you're half interested in the local resources and the local businesses that are Soldotna and Alaska.

By the way, I'll stick with my $10,000 property tax deduction, thank-you.

I didn't vote for the rich, white 15-year-old C-student we've got for a president; and selling out my town, state and country is no way to unite us. Just keep your eyes open and pay attention.

Cheri Edwards, Soldotna

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