Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Clarion editorial off the mark
Can someone explain why the Clarion felt it necessary to begin its silly Friday editorial with a cheap, scurrilous shot at Sarah Palin? What does "teen pregnancy has been somewhat glamorized as our former governor and her daughter have done their best to spin their family situation" amount to other than irresponsible and vulgar slander?

Son lost to addiction should open communities eyes
This letter is for those who have lost someone to an addiction, and to those who have contributed to the addiction.

Pebble poll biased
The "let's-not-give-Pebble-a-fair-chance" financiers are at it again. Last Sunday morning I was contacted by Craciun Research with what turned out to be an extremely biased and unprofessional poll about Pebble.

Reader moved by effort to save pets
To Geoff Timm,

Nurse proud of fellow nurses
When I had my heart attack and cardiac arrest in the ED of Central Peninsula Hospital (CPH) there were several who came to my rescue and support. The nurses in the ED at CPH went beyond the call of duty. They cared about me as a person, not just a patient.

Halibut decision doesn't hold water
Halibut courts? U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia's recent ruling to reduce charter catches in half is out of line. Charter operations and resident sport fishing combined represent less than 10 percent of the yearly harvest of this publicly owned resource. Yet the dollar value of that catch is greatly enhanced by the spin-off to lodging, hotel, transportation, and food services of the clients. The most bang for our buck or our halibut comes through those revenues. The money spent there helps ofset the cost of these sevices to the general public, therefore benefiting all Alaskans.

2 men charged in setting boy, 5, on fire with homemade torch
The two men arrested for allegedly setting a 5-year-old boy's head aflame with a "redneck flamethrower" in Anchor Point last month were formally accused Nov. 25, and the men are scheduled for an arraignment in Superior Court this afternoon.

Transactions raise eyebrows: Business returns of mayor's aide grow despite claim of divesting
In the last fiscal year the Kenai Peninsula Borough has paid out $398,000 to companies in which a mayor's aide has ownership in.

Seafood group pushes sustainable labeling
To boost Alaska seafood market prices and expand the Alaska brand in Europe, the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute is in discussions with a trade group that certifies and labels sustainable seafood.

Around the Peninsula

Pool schedules announced

Around the Peninsula

Gardeners to gather

Best Friends
Kirk Widder and Gail Lockwood, of Sterling wrote in about their 10-year-old tabby cat, Stewart.

Around the District

School board to meet

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