Council gets input on kennel code

Posted: Friday, December 03, 2010

Some concerned citizens attended the City of Kenai's council meeting Wednesday night to testify on the city's proposed ordinance on dog kennel licensing within the community.

The new ordinance clarifies the definition between non-commercial and commercial kennels as well as codifying a public notification and appeals process to air any neighboring property owners' grievances.

Kenai resident and kennel owner Garnet Sarks was worried that the proposed changes would impact her current kennel license.

Sarks said she has six dogs that she keeps as family pets as well as training them in dog agility.

She said she just hopes that the formalized public notification process will not affect her private kennel to that point that she would have to make a choice or move.

"For me it would be a move thing if I couldn't have my six dogs at home," Sarks said.

Other residents testified in full support of the kennel ordinance.

"That's been a long time coming," said Greg Daniels, a Kenai constituent.

Karen Kester, who lives on Set Net Drive in Kenai's VIP subdivision, said she and her neighbors were personally affected by the city not having a public notification process in place for kennel licensing when the original issue came up a few years ago.

She said the new ordinance "makes some small and very important changes" and she supports its passage as written.

The council did not take any action on the ordinance Wednesday because city administration requested postponement to the next meeting.

Councilman Bob Molloy had written a number of questions regarding how kennel licensing fits into the city's land use tables last month and City Manager Rick Koch wanted time to address his questions.

At the meeting Wednesday, Molloy said he wanted to facilitate discussion with his submitted questions.

Kester said she was concerned by Molloy's intent and did not want the council to "throw the baby out with the bath water" and not pass the new kennel ordinance.

Council moved to postpone action on the ordinance until its Dec. 15 meeting.

Other council items:

* John Bost of Mikunda Cottrell and Co. gave a report to council on the city's comprehensive annual financial report. Bost's firm found no audit adjustments and said the the city is "very healthy financially."

* Council unanimously passed an ordinance setting city fee schedules and requiring that changes to rates, charges and fees be proposed by the city manager for approval by council.

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