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Posted: Tuesday, December 04, 2007

"Hey, Rachel. What do you want to do tonight?" I asked.

"I don't know. We could see a movie," said Rachel.

"We have gone to a movie like every weekend and even sometimes on the weekdays," I said.

"I don't know then. There's not much to do here," Rachel asked.

"We either go to the movies or rent movies, what's the difference? Hey, Karen invited us to her party tonight. Would you want to go do that," I asked.

"Is there going to be drinking?" Rachel asked.

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure it is going to have alcohol and pot. Do you want to go"? I replied

"I guess. There isn't anything else to do except watch movies and there isn't any sports events so why not," Rachel said.

The point I am trying make is we live in a very small town. Soldotna and Kenai aren't exactly booming with hot ideas and fun. All throughout high school I have heard about the parties and how much fun they are and I used to go to a lot of them.

How are the youth around here supposed to doing anything different when there is not too much do? Even if there was something to do, how are the youth of the community supposed to do it without a rider friendly bus system? Currently you have to prearrange a ride and it is expensive $12.50 for five rides and it only runs Monday through Friday, unless you are going to a job. A bus system with scheduled stops to places that are central to activities and that is affordable for everyone is needed.

This area is so spread out and cold during the winter time making bike riding, for those who have a bike, and walking dangerous if the sidewalks are not cleared and you have to walk in the street.

In my opinion I feel most of the youths and some adults are on probation or are in jail because we don't have a variety of activities to do during the day or at night making it hard to stay out of trouble. No, not everyone goes out and underage drinks or goes to the bar every weekend, but a good amount of people living on the peninsula do.

I think that if something doesn't happen soon we will have more pot heads, addicts, alcoholics and so on. I would like to see a dance club or a game room or a sports center where everyone can come and play their favorite sports.

I'm almost positive we would have a lot less drinking and even if not, there might be that one kid who goes dancing instead of going to a party and drinking, driving and dying.

We, as a community, need to do something to protect our kids, teens and adults. Someone needs to do something.

We can't leave it up to another person thinking they will do it because it will never get it done. We have to do this as a community.

This article is the opinion of Brittany West. West recently graduated from Kenai Alternative High School.

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