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Kenai man tries to find a home for 2-headed lamb display

Posted: Monday, December 06, 2004


  Layton Ehmke

Layton Ehmke

Lots of people will try to tell you two heads are better than one, but the truth is two heads are just a little freaky.

Longtime Kenai resident Glenn Schrader recently discovered his father's two-headed stuffed lamb dating back 50 years. He rediscovered the miscreated critter on his father's Michigan farm when he visited last spring and was surprised to find it in good shape.

The lamb was born in March 1954 and only lived a couple of days. Now it stands, protected in a glass case.

"It must have meant something to my dad, because he spent money to have it preserved. He must have been quite impressed by it," Schrader said.

"I first saw it in the '60s, and it was extremely odd to me. I was interested because of the rarity of it. The common reaction is that it's not for real, but people just have to get close enough and then they can tell it's the real deal."

Schrader said the only people who really knew about the brown and white two-headed lamb were members of his family.

"It wasn't famous or anything, it spent a lot of that time in the attic. It wasn't doing any good laying around there, so I took it to a packaging store and they packed it up in a box with plastic peanuts all the way around to make it ride safe all the way here to Alaska," he said.

But now that he's got it, he is not quite sure what to do with it.

Schrader could keep it for himself, but he does not feel it would do the lamb justice, being it is such an oddity.

"My initial impression was that I would contact the school superintendent so the science classes could study it. I hope it would mean something more to people than just a dead two-headed sheep," he said.

"It should be on display so more people can get the experience to see a freak of nature. I'll probably donate it to the university or wherever it can get the most exposure."

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